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News Around the Nation: October 16th Highlights & Headlines

Weekly news recaps on the nations top stories from SCOTUS confirmation, ballot harvesting, stimulus talks, law firm layoffs & COVID-19's continued impact.

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SCOTUS Halts 2020 Census Count

The Supreme Court allows the 2020 census to be cut short. Learn the history and importance of the census and what this decision means.

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News Recap: October Can’t Scare Us, Stimulus Games & Debt Snowballs

It’s been a week, from October surprises, stimulus games, snowballing debt, reining in tech behemoths & giving birth during the bar exam-we break it all down.

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A Justice for the Ages: The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A brilliant woman and pioneer woman who spent decades fighting for justice and equality, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will go down as a justice for the ages.

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Coming Soon to Texas: Service of Process via Social Media

Texas is amending state statutes in order to adopt new rules pertaining to service of process through social media, what this mean for due process in TX.

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California Looks to License Debt Collection Practices

SB 908 seeks to mandate debt collection licensing in CA, find out what impact this has on lawyers, law firms and the overall debt collection industry.

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