Service of Process

Service of Process

Honest & accurate service of process nationwide, how and when you need it.
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Higher Standards for Service of Process

Prompt, Professional Service of Process

Prompt, Professional Service

Know your documents are in good hands – our licensed process servers are paid more and aspire to a higher standard.

Service of Process GPS & Photo Evidence

GPS & Photo Evidence

Access time-stamped proof of your process server’s location for every attempt.

Satisfy the Judge

Satisfy The Judge

We validate every service against your court’s rules and regulations.

How it Works


Upload Documents

Submit the legal documents you want served and basic service information. Auto-fill and address verification make it fast and easy.

Place Service of Process Order

Monitor Progress

We dispatch your job to the nearest qualified process server. As they drive around, knock on doors, and attempt service, ABC Mobile transmits live data and images to your account.

Monitor Service Of Process

Substantiate Service

Our return of service won't just hold up in court - it's bulletproof.

Substantiate Service of Process
Place Service of Process Order Monitor Service Of Process Substantiate Service of Process
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Service of Process - Done Right.

Serve Any Document. Anywhere.
Any Document. Anywhere.
More than 2,000 process servers - all 50 states and 77 countries.
Save Time
Save Time
Upload documents, list the parties to be served, and submit. Manage and monitor orders online. It’s that simple.
Get live SOP notifications
Get Live Notifications
Receive notifications instantly within seconds of successful service.
Service of Process Cost
Know Your Cost Upfront
ABC Legal’s service of process also includes free instant skip-tracing on bad addresses and any required notarization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the information you need to place or troubleshoot your order.

Placing an Order

Order FAQ

  • How much does service cost?
    Price depends on geography. Service of process ranges from $75 to $145. Remote locations are more expensive. Cities and urban areas are less. ABC Legal charges per address, entity, and the number of cases being served.
  • I am serving two defendants at the same address. Do I get a price break on the 2nd one?
    We charge per defendant, per address, and per case. So, each party will be priced the same.
  • How do I know if you serve in a particular area?
    To find out if we serve in a specific area, follow this link and input your desired city, county, or state:
  • I need to serve someone, but don’t know their address. Can you find them for me?
    Locating an individual, by law, requires “permissible purpose”. Therefore, we can only legal skip-trace for law firms or those who have retained a licensed attorney.
  • How do I create an account with you?
    An account is created when you place your first order on our website. If you are looking to place 100+ orders per month, you may prefer a billable account.
  • I need someone served on a military base or in a prison/jail. Do you do that?
    This depends on the base or jail/prison. Some allow process servers in, others do not. Some have specific requirements such as making an appointment with a base escort. Please check with the military base/jail directly to confirm.
  • I need server names for my Motion and Order. How do I get those?
    Please add this request in the “Additional Instruction” field when placing your order on our website. When ABC Legal is reviewing your order, we will provide you with the name of the servers that cover the address/region you are requesting.
  • I’m ready to place an order. What’s next?
    Visit and search for the best price or place an order at the default price here:

International FAQ

  • I need to serve documents under the Hague Convention. Do you do that?
    Yes, absolutely. To place an order for Hague Service, here’s a link to our International page.
  • Do you serve outside the US?
    In most cases, yes. Please reach out to our International team via email to to find out if we can serve where you need.
  • Why is my order showing Canceled?
    Often, this happens because we are waiting for confirmation from you regarding whether we are to use electronic copies for service or if we are to wait for court-issued documents from your country’s Ministry of Justice.
  • I need an update on my International order. Who can help?
    For updates on International service of process, email

Troubleshooting Orders

Order Related Issues FAQ

  • How do I pay an invoice online?
    You pay upfront with your credit card when you finalize your order.
  • What are your office hours?
    Our office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, M-F, Pacific time.
  • Can I talk to the process server? I need to give them specific instructions about this service.
    Please add specific instructions in the “Additional Information” field when placing your order. You can also add this information later on the Case Details page at 
  • I just got an email saying the service address is bad or invalid. I know this person lives/works there.
    1.  This doesn’t always mean that the defendant doesn’t live or work at the address provided. Sometimes subjects are actively evading service.
    2. There could be a typo somewhere in the address.
    3.  Your documents may have expired due to a court deadline. 
  • I see service is complete. Where’s my proof of service?
    Proofs are automatically generated and sent to process servers upon completion of service. Many are e-signed instantly right in our mobile app. Some courts allow for electronic signatures while some require wet ink originals and even notaries. Wet ink and notaries delay proof completion. 
  • The court needs a very specific proof filled out. How do I get that to the process server?
    To have the server fill out your specific proof, please upload it with the documents to be served, and note that a specific proof needs to be filled out in the "Additional Information" field when placing your order. 

Getting Your Documents to ABC Legal

  • How do I send ABC Legal my documents?
    When you place your order, you will be asked to upload your documents.

    File size is limited to 25 MB. Up to 20 PDFs can be submitted per order. A surcharge of 25 cents per page will apply for each page over 100.

    If you require ABC Legal to serve originals or are unable to upload your documents to our website, please place your order on our website and use our original documents cover sheet when mailing to us so we can make sure your documents are routed appropriately. 

International Service of Process

As the only acting Central Authority of the U.S. Department of Justice, ABC Legal is the official and recognized provider for receiving the service of process requests originating from abroad into the U.S., pursuant to the Hague Convention, Inter-American Convention, and Letters Rogatory.
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Technology Spotlight 

Supporting Service of Process with ABC Mobile

Using their phone's camera and GPS capabilities, process servers record information while in the field. Photos, time-stamped service records, and GPS coordinates prove when and where a process server is for each serve.

It's the data you need to ensure you're meeting local requirements for service of process.

High Standards. Excellent Performance.

One of the best process servers I have used.
I would recommend to everyone. Quick efficient, and affordable. Fantastic work! I will be using them again.
I was very pleased with your...
I was very please with your performance in effecting service of process on an individual in California.
We got a hold of ABC Legal Services on a Friday.
We did a "rush" service and our person was served the next day. We are in Washington and the service was in California. This will be my go to from now on.
Why ABC Legal?
ABC Legal Logo

Why ABC Legal?

Digital Solution to Service of Process

A Digital Solution To Service Of Process

While service of process involves delivering legal documents, the rest of the process should be online. Place and manage orders on an easy-to-use web services platform designed with your needs in mind.

Honest & Transparency

Honesty & Transparency

Use a platform built to provide you with the visibility you need to ensure proper service of process for your clients. There’s no black box or hidden fees – just honest service of process.


Serve More. Get More.

Need to serve 100+ documents? Learn about our end-to-end service of process solutions designed for law firms who need to support high volumes of cases.


Enhance your service of process:

  • Court Filing
  • Skip Trace and Investigations
  • Process Customization Options
  • Pre-Suit Skip Tracing
  • Venue Selection
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Serve More. Get More.

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