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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying & Getting Started

Do I need a special license or certification?

In some states you must register to become a licensed or certified private process server. 

If you aren't licensed or aren't sure if you need a license, search online for instructions on how to register to become licensed in your state or county, or check the list of states that require registrations below.


Private process servers are required to be licensed as civilian process servers by the Alaska Commissioner of Public Safety.


Process servers are required to register as a certified private process server with the Superior Court of Arizona.


Individuals who serve process in the State of Arkansas are required to be appointed by the Circuit Court or County Court. Contact your county court to inquire about getting appointed! Here is a link with downloadable forms.


Process servers in California are required to apply and be registered in the county they serve in. Registration is statewide, and the individual must have lived in California for at least one year. No classes or training is required. Every applicant is required to post a $2,000 bond or cash deposit. Contact your County Clerk’s office for information on how to register.


Any permanent resident over 18 can serve process. Most counties require process servers to be appointed by the sheriff.


Process servers in Georgia are required to be certified by the Georgia Sheriff’s Association.

In addition process servers need to be appointed by the court for each county they serve process in. Contact your local county court for more information!


In counties with a population of less than 2,000,000, process may be served, without special appointment, by a person who is licensed or registered as a private detective under the Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, and Locksmith Act of 2004 or by a registered employee of a private detective agency certified under that Act.


Process servers in the City of St Louis are required to be certified by the sheriff.

There is no state-wide certification, and the only counties that require process servers to be appointed are Jackson and Pettis Counties.


Anyone making more than 10 services of process in a calendar year is required to register with the Montana Department of Labor.


Process servers in Nevada are required to be licensed through the state.


There is no state-wide certification, but process servers in NYC are required to be certified by the Department of Consumer Affairs.


Process servers in Oklahoma are required to be licensed by the state.


Process servers are required to be licensed as Constables by the Chief Judge of the District Court.


There is no state-wide registration in Tennessee, but some counties like Shelby and Knox require process servers to be appointed.


Process servers in Texas are required to be certified by the Judicial Branch Certification Commission.

You can take the certification course for free on our training website!


There is no state-wide registration, but process servers in Vermont must be authorized by the county court in which they are serving. Contact your county court for more information.


Process servers in Washington are required to register with the auditor of the county in which they reside or operate their business.

What are the requirements?

You will need a valid driver’s license, liability auto insurance, reliable transportation, smart phone, printer, and process server registration (depending on your state’s requirements).

How long does it take to sign up?

Less than 30 minutes! Just review and sign a couple documents, upload your credentials, and review a brief orientation course.

About the Job

What does ABC Legal do?

When one party files a legal complaint against another in the court of law, the defending party must be informed by being given a copy of the complaint, and a legal summons to appear in court. We help law firms by filings documents at the courthouse and retrieving the filed copies.

What would I do?

As a process server, you will receive legal documents to “serve” upon specific parties in a lawsuit. This involves knocking on the doors of homes we send you to, gathering information, and providing the documents to the named individual whenever able. Learn more in this video.

How do I get documents?

For most orders you can print the documents directly from our secured web portal. In some instances, we mail original documents to process servers’ homes.

Is there a dress code?

While ABC Legal does not have an official dress code, the expectation is that you represent yourself and the company respectfully. Your professional presentation at a delivery location will only increase your odds of success.

Do I need to go to an office?

Nope! Our process servers are based out of their own homes. No need to go to an office every day.

How far do I have to travel?

Its up to you! Browse our mobile app for available jobs and choose where you want to work!

Payments & Contracts

What is the average hourly rate?

There isn’t one. We pay per job “resolution” – meaning pay is processed once a job is completed and the proof of service/non-service is signed. Sometimes multiple attempts are required at the same address if you are unable to reach the defendant the first time, so it pays to attempt at times that people are likely to be home.

How does your contracting work?

As a contractor with ABC you would have the ability to work independently and set your own schedule. Rather than a W2, we issue a 1099 form for tax purposes.

Does ABC Legal reimburse any costs?

We reimburse 8 cents per printed page for service documents. Our pay rates are flat rates that are based off the average cost of operations in any given area. We also provide UPS shipping labels to all our process servers who need to mail original documents to us.

Serve with ABC Legal

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