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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Our mobile app will be your new best friend! Plan your route with built-in mapping. Protect yourself with photos and GPS coordinates.
Back Office Support

Back Office Support

You provide the field work and we do the rest! Save the hassle of talking to customers, filling out proofs of service, and picking up work. Our Partner Support team is a phone call away.

Earn Great Money

Earn Great Money

The more you deliver, the more you earn. We provide you with a dense service area so you can reduce drive time and increase your hourly earnings. 
Get Paid Weekly

Get Paid Weekly

Get paid every week, the same week you complete the work. Itemized pay tracking right in your phone that you can access any time you like.

Do I Need A Special License or Certification?

In some states you must register to become a licensed or certified private process server.   If you are already licensed to serve process in your area, we want to work with you right away!  Sign up below to get started serving for ABC Legal.

If you aren't licensed or aren't sure if you need a license, check the resources listed or search online for instructions on how to register to become licensed in your state or county.
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