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Over 8,000 law firms and government agencies, including the US Department of Justice, trust ABC Legal process servers. 


Right for every size of practice

  • High Volume

    Our firm files hundreds or thousands of cases each month.

  • Low Volume

    I file a few cases each month and my time is precious.

  • Rapid Growth

    My firm is growing quickly or expanding into new markets.

Optimized to reinforce your competitive advantage and exceed your business objectives.

  • Maximize your service rate

    Predict whether service will be successful using our probability model.  Identify the best address before you file suit and instantly attempt the best in-venue address following every unsuccessful service.

  • Strip out cost and boost your bottom-line

    Firms report time-savings equivalent to 40 staff members after partnering with ABC Legal.  Tasks that took hours now take seconds.  Automate your e-filing, skip-tracing, venue selection,  data-entry and appearance counsel scheduling.

  • Simplify your operations

    Our platform is a seamless interface between courts, process servers, and you.   No matter where you file and serve cases, you have the data you need and the options  you want all in one place.  Enjoy streamlined audits by choosing a single trusted partner for filing, e-filing, service of process, skip-tracing and appearance counsel.

Designed for a faster, easier online experience so you can get back to work.

  • Never be kept in the dark

    Our process servers report every service event straight from the field using the ABC Mobile app and we send instant notifications straight to your inbox.  Never be caught wondering whether your case has been served again.

  • Avoid hassles and headaches

    Tired of micro-managing your process server?  We wrote software to enforce the filing and service requirements in every venue so you can focus on your client.

  • Save time: Easy online ordering, instant filing & service notifications

    No phone calls, no price negotiations, and definitely no documents in the mail.  Just upload your case, pay by credit card, and get back to work.  We'll send you email notifications at every step of the way.

Built to help you scale your business across clients, geographies and practice areas without bottlenecks.

  • Simplify your operations

    Our platform is a seamless interface between courts, process servers, and you.   No matter where you file and serve cases, you have the data you need and the options  you want all in one place.

  • Leverage local knowledge & experience

    Every court, county and state has different rules.  We wrote software to enforce the filing and service requirements in every venue rules so you can focus on the bigger picture.

  • Automate your back-office

    We built our business around eliminating or automating repetitive tasks so our team members could focus on our customers.  We think your firm can do the same.  Automate your e-filing, skip-tracing, venue selection,  data-entry and appearance counsel scheduling.

Any document. Anywhere.

More than 2,000 process servers. All 50 states.

What We Do


Service of Process

  • More than 2,000 process servers.
  • Over 10 million successful services.
  • 10-20 point service rate increase from bundled investigation.

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  • Certified to E-File by API in Texas, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland and Indiana
  • Over 3 million documents e-filed
  • Industry's lowest cost through API and robotic automation

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Appearance Counsel

  • Over 10,000 attorneys nationwide
  • Collaborate directly with remote counsel and eliminate the middle-man markup.
  • Docketly is an ABC Legal company.


What's New

Thousands of legal professionals use ABC Legal products and services every day to save time, streamline operations, and serve more parties.  Explore recent news to learn how.

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Can Your Process Server Do This?

Data Integration

Import filing and service data directly into your case management application.

Venue Selection

Upload data and quickly determine venue in complex jurisdictions like Texas.

Maximize Service

Predict service probabilities.  Find more defendants.


File your documents electronically with ease.

Real Time Notifications

Receive instant notifications within seconds of successful service.

GPS & Photo Evidence

Access your process server's coordinates and photos taken at the time of service.

Control Compliance

Compliance dashboard. Auditable policies.  Complaint tracking.

Virtual Ride Along

Add client requirements to ABC Mobile & gain direct oversight of every service.

What are other legal professionals saying?


Very efficient international service. Helpful and responsive customer service. Overall, I am quite impressed with the service and would recommend to others.

Riley Nolan

Tapper Cuddy LLP

Winnipeg, Manitoba,

I needed to find someone in the Seattle area, then have them served. My practice is in Florida. Their website is easy to use. The communication and updates were timely and clear; and the process was done more quickly than I anticipated! (Even in the middle of COVID-19).

Jill Ziv

Law office of Frederic E. Waczewski, P.A.

Orlando, FL

Excellent service, I was kept informed of the status of my job at every step of the way. Having recently used a different process server that provided very little communication (in fact I had to make several calls/send several emails in order to find out what was going on), this was a breath of fresh air. Thank you ABC Legal Services!

Karen Hudson

Baxter Bruce & Sullivan, P.C.

Juneau, AK

I have never seen such fast service in 25 years of working in the legal field. Thank you!!

Tanya Lanham

Marvel Law P.C.

Bloomington, IL

I have had a great experience working with ABC. On-boarding personnel were able to adapt to our needs quickly, and our client services rep is incredibly responsive and always on the ball. Most importantly, we are also getting valid service at a higher clip than ever before. The web portal is both intuitive and useful. They really do go above and beyond our expectations, highly recommended.

Chris Cameron

Allen & Withrow Law Offices

Little Rock, AR

Professional, efficient, effective. Best three words that describe a process serving company.

Tyrone Connaway

Law Office of W. Bryant Green, III, P.C.

Atlanta, GA

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