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Your site is great.

I never have any issues getting information that is needed for my service. Working with Elise has and always is a pleasure. Thank you.

Broward County Attorney's Office
Very fast service,
always informative of every step - which I love the communication and very detailed report as to who was served - description, location, etc. Very impressed - keep up the good work!
Blue Earth County Atty
I received excellent service from your company.

I will use your services again when needed.

Thank you!

Office of County Couns
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does service of process cost? What do I get with a “standard” delivery with ABC Legal?

We provide a comprehensive service of process experience at a flat rate based on the service state. Prices range from $75-145 for standard delivery.

Get a standard that is anything but average for your case. ABC Legal's "standard delivery" is a comprehensive service of process package for law firms and legal professionals including around 4-6 attempts (until documents are served or diligence can be met), supporting time-stamped GPS coordinates and photos for each attempt, proof of service, real-time tracking available 24/7 on our customer portal, and email notifications about status changes and service attempts.

Learn more about the quality and value you get with ABC Legal here.

How do I know if you serve in a particular area?

We serve documents across the United States, in all 50 states. To see pricing for your area, add the service address as you place your order. 

How do I get started with service of process for my organization?

Submit your documents and place your order at

After you place your order, you'll receive an email to set a password and log in your new, secure account. There, you can review the status of your order, place a new order, and more.

How do payments work? Can I pay by credit card?

You are able to pay with a credit card while placing your order online. 

How can my team see progress or get in touch with ABC Legal?

If you have a question about a specific case in progress, simply log in to your secure account ( and navigate to your case on Case Details and Search. Click on the case you want to discuss. Once there, you can send a message to our team and track responses alongside case progress.

If you have an urgent question, please reach out to our team directly using the number listed on your account or this group queue: 206-521-2887.

If you are not a customer, you can submit a question to:

Our office hours are M-F 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM PT.

How do I give my process server specific instructions for this order?

Please add specific instructions in the “Additional Information” field when placing your order.

You can also add this information later in your account by sending us a message on the Case Details page for your order.

What kinds of organizations and agencies use ABC Legal for service of process?

We've helped government agencies, law enforcement, fire departments, law firms, individuals, and all kinds of organizations get their documents delivered.

What kinds of documents can you serve? Can you serve a notice?

We deliver all kinds of legal documents and notices. ABC Legal has delivered notices, summonses and complaints, warrants, levies, claims, judgments, renewals, writs, garnishments, subpoenas, and more! 

We're also happy to help deliver notices that do not require a process server. Reach out to our team to learn more.

How can I get updates on case status?

ABC Legal has the easiest service of process experience in the industry, and it's all online.  You can review your account as a whole or see detailed timelines showing where your case has been at every step in its journey with us.

Curious? Learn more about how it works here or schedule a demo with one of our service of process advisors.

Already a customer? Simply log in to your secure account to see progress live.

Can you deliver a notice? A summons and complaint? How about a subpoena?

ABC Legal delivers notices, summonses and complaints, warrants, levies, claims, judgments, renewals, writs, garnishments, subpoenas, and more! If you have a special type of document that needs deliver at scale, you can always reach out to learn more.

Can you deliver documents for a debt collection case? How about family law?

If you need service of process for a document related to a civil case, we have you covered, where allowed by law. Debt collection, small claims, family law cases, personal injury issues, subrogation claims, tort claims, breach of contract claims, equitable claims, post-judgment collections, landlord-tenant disputes, property disputes – you name it. If you have a special type of document that needs deliver at scale, you can always reach out to learn more.

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