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Need to get your court documents submitted in a timely and accurate way? ABC Legal has you covered. Our broad range of e-filing experts review and audit all documents before submitting them to court systems to ensure they achieve the highest acceptance rates.

Our advanced API into courts systems, such as Illinois and Texas, allows ABC Legal to file documents with full compliance for a faster acceptance rate. As the nationwide leader in e-filing, we have successfully filed over 3 million documents so far, averaging 60,000 e-filings per month, including case initiation documents, alias summons, amended complaints, wage garnishments, stipulation packages, motions and orders, and proofs of service.

Accurate and Fast E-Filing

Accurate and Fast E-Filing

While we are busy filing around 60,000 documents a month, our nationwide team of professionals is focused on each individual file to ensure we provide our customers with quality results, every time. To guarantee documents don’t get rejected, each file is proofread by an expert to ensure they are complete and fully compliant with the specific venue before submission. Customers can expect their documents to be accurately filed in two days or less — most within 24 hours — when e-filing with ABC Legal.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

ABC Legal offers APIs (Application Programing Interface) into certain court systems and advanced filing systems for courts and attorneys using various platforms. Our systems are set up to remap and reconfigure customer data, as needed, through our custom templates, which come guaranteed with acceptanced e-delivery for your venue. We are continuously updating our technology based on venue rules and new e-delivery platforms to ensure that we stay fully compliant and up to date with any changes in technology.

Paving the Way in E-filing Technology

Paving the Way in E-filing Technology

ABC Legal connects directly into numerous court computer systems, offering advanced technology to guarantee you fast, compliant and accurate e-filing. At ABC Legal, we are constantly monitoring legal systems to guarantee a seamless implementation experience for our customers for every venue, updating our technology and pioneering e-filing into more court systems across the U.S. We make it easy for you — simply upload the documents you need e-filed and we’ll make sure they’re fully compliant and accurate to guarantee their fast and reliable delivery.

What are other legal professionals saying?

Quality Service
The formalities for filing deeds is easy and fast processing. In addition, the supporting documents are precise.
New Vendor to me. Highly Recommended
Just started using this service. Have used them on three (3) sets of files so far. Their website makes it easy to upload the documents and keep in touch regarding the status of service of process.
ABC Legal Services did a marvelous job.
ABC Legal did a marvelous job by contacting and visiting my previous employer several times and provided a confirmation of filing/receipt of proof from court. I can highly recommend this company; they are very helpful and professional.

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As the only acting Central Authority of the U.S. Department of Justice, ABC Legal is the official and recognized provider for receiving the service of process requests originating from abroad into the U.S., pursuant to the Hague Convention, Inter-American Convention, and Letters Rogatory.

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