Key Reasons to Choose Docketly’s Appearance Attorneys

Comprehensive Attorney Info

With Docketly, you get to know exactly who is covering your hearing and their performance history – including how many hearings they have covered, their mean time to report, the average price per hearing, experience level, hearing outcomes, and much more.

Efficient Reporting

We require timely and accurate reporting—usually in less than 24 hours. Forget having to chase down results or wait on attorneys who have a backlog of reports to file.

Pre-Approved Pools

From time to time, you may have a client who wants to use only pre-approved attorneys for hearing coverage. Pools are a feature that allows you to create a list of pre-approved attorneys for these clients.

Customized Networks

When you find attorneys within our network who consistently deliver optimal results and work well for you, you can set them as your preferred attorneys.


Manually entering your hearings into Docketly’s website is easy, but when you are posting hundreds of hearings, the process can become time-consuming. Docketly offers a number of flexible integrations to automate processes and reduce errors—a major time saver for large firms.

Real-Time Notifications

Know the status of your appearance attorney's progression with your case at all times, from assignment review to confirmation of arrival at the courthouse to instant notification post-hearing when their report is ready for your review.

Coverage Made Easy—and Smart

With built-in smart controls, the Docketly platform prevents you from accidentally double-booking a hearing or scheduling court appearances that are too far apart for the appearance attorney to reach in a timely manner.


Freelance attorneys, each with unique local knowledge


Coverage in all venues across the United States


Favorable rulings on cases


Of all hearings covered automatically in 2019

Docketly is the best. The best interface. The best website. The best staff, who go to work, to make the best experience for clients and counsel.

J. K.
Boerne, TX

Honestly, out of all the companies I have dealt with that handle this sort of work, your company is BY FAR THE BEST. Keep up the good work!

Highland, IL

For those needing coverage, good way to arrange it. For those looking for income, good way to get it.

Ronald Scott
Boca Raton, FL
Grow Your Network with Us
Docketly’s network of nationwide appearance attorneys, combined with ABC Legal’s process servers, gives you instant access to a team you can trust, allowing you to focus on core areas where you’re most needed. You’ll always have an extra hand you can count on whenever—or wherever––needed thanks to our full vetting and relationships across the United States.