Local Attorneys For Every Venue

Need a stand-in appearance counsel for short procedural hearings? With ABC Legal’s subsidiary company, Docketly, it’s no problem. Docketly offers over 10,000 FDCPA trained, experienced and licensed attorneys to cover every court venue in the United States, even in the remotest locations, saving you wasted travel costs, time and productivity.

Our proprietary technology gives you complete transparency and access to a large variety of essential data, including performance monitoring and compliance regulations. Whether you need a single hearing covered or a high volume of hearings across numerous locations, our solutions ensure you receive fast and consistent communications, low overhead expenses and absolute professionalism. In addition, by bundling hearings together that occur on the same date, at the same time and the same location, you can save money on appearance counsel costs. With no pre-set flat fee, our customers enjoy even greater savings.

Uniting Law Firms with Local Attorneys


With a nationwide network of 10,000 FDCPA trained, experienced attorneys, you’ll have access to court representation in every venue, saving you time, money and lost productivity. Our trained professionals know and have experienced with all court staff, judges and local rules.

Easy Reporting and Hearing Scheduling


All your reporting is done in one easy-to-use system. All of your attorneys use a unique, and secure mobile app, providing you real-time reporting through our customer dashboard. You’ll have access to scheduling, posting hearings, uploading files, adverse ruling reports, attorney performance, timely delivery and reporting all in one centralized location — your unique customer dashboard.

Smart Pricing


Most companies charge you a flat fee to have counsel represent you, and the costs can increase depending on the venue. But with Docketly, you’ll receive bundled pricing and market discounts — meaning, the more hearings you post with Docketly, the lower the price you pay per hearing. When attorneys compete for work, we pass any reduction in costs directly onto you. Through our system, we can easily and conveniently bundle multiple hearings together that occur at the same time, location and date, and reflect those savings in the price you pay.

What Are Other Legal Professionals Saying?

Great customer service!
The customer service at Docketly is great. I can just send you a message and I always get a quick response, no waiting.
Very satisfied
I have been using Docketly for five years now and have always been satisfied with their service since day one!
Very Professional
Docketly is an awesome service, I have zero complaints. They are always polite and professional on the phone. they don't waste any time, they get the job done and they are always pleasant to work with.
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Appearance Counsel

As the Leading Nationwide Appearance Provider, Tap Into the Local Know-How of Our Extensive Database of Experienced and Licensed Attorneys, Covering Every Court in every state, Saving You Travel, Time and Money.