How it Works

Upload Documents

Submit the legal documents you want served and basic service information.
Auto-fill and address verification make it fast and easy.

Monitor Progress

We dispatch to the best, local process server. As they drive around, knock on doors, take photos, and attempt service, ABC Mobile sends live data and images to your dashboard.

Substantiate Service

Our return of service won't just hold up in court - it's bulletproof.


Service of Process Done Right

fast and easy-1

Save Time

Upload documents, list the parties to be served, and submit. It's that simple.


Satisfy The Judge

Know we validate every serve against your jurisdiction's rules and regulations.


Improve Service

Enhance service accuracy with free automatic skip tracing on bad addresses.


GPS And Photo Evidence

Time-stamped proof of your process server's location for every attempt.


Professional Process Servers

The best process servers who are paid more and aspire to a higher standard.


Any Document, Anywhere

National coverage, consistent performance, and rock-solid support.

High Standards. Excellent Performance.

Fast, Easy, Affordable
Prompt service with a user-friendly web portal at a reasonable price.
I love it.
Keith McKerall
Birmingham, AL
Keith McKerall, Attorney at Law
Amazing Service
I've never dealt with a process service that was this prompt and professional. I highly recommend them.
Edna L. Lisenbe
Rio Rancho, NM
The Torres Law Firm
Excellent Experience
ABC was on top of everything from the very first contact through the final service and affidavit at an incredibly reasonable price. I will use ABC for all of my out of state service needs going forward.
Eileen Day
Scottsdale, AZ
Michael D Rich, PLLC