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Fast Results

ABC Legal’s process servers provide feedback live in the ABC Mobile app and eSign proof of service at the time of service, so you get results fast.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

View your process server’s progress from your secure, online account. Once service is complete, you’ll have instant access to download proof of service.

Full Confidence

Full Confidence

Whether you’re seeking due process for small claims, fair debt collection, landlord and tenant disputes or divorce proceedings, we're here to help.

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As an individual, all you need to do is upload the documents you need delivered and tell us where to go. Pricing is based on delivery address.


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Let us know how to stay in touch. We'll use the email you provide to create your secure online account, where you can see live status updates.


Pay and Be On Your Way

A process server will start making attempts. Emails alert you when service is complete or if it can't be served at the provided address.

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Exceptional service through an emotional important time
I logged in just to create an account to get started and within minutes I attached the documents to be served, made payment and it was sent to be dispatched all in that same evening .... It was so easy!!!! Within a couple days the entire process was served and done, quicker then the few days it stated. This was something very personal, emotional and private I was going through and their service was a huge relief for me and so appreciated! Thank you!
Cynthia B.
Individual/Pro Se
Fast and professional
I needed to have my husband served with divorce papers. The local sheriff had made one unsuccessful attempt within the 30 day period and told me I'd have to pay again with no guarantees. ABC had the papers delivered in less than 24 hours from the time they were submitted. I wish I had known about them from the beginning. Very user friendly platform. I knew what was going on for each step. If only this whole process could be this easy.
Individual/Pro Se
I live in California and had to serve someone in Oregon
It had to be served in a short amount of time and I was really nervous about the whole process. When I called, the person I spoke with, Brian, was very friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. I feel that he listened to everything I had to say and always had a reasonable answer for all my questions. They also had very affordable prices, compared to other companies. They kept me updated through the entire process and got done what I thought wouldn’t happen. Thank you ABC Legal so much for your time and dedication!
Carlianne R.
Individual/Pro Se
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Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an Order


Order FAQ

  • How much does service of process cost?
    Price depends on geography. Standard service of process typically ranges from $75 to $145. Remote locations tend to be more expensive. Cities and urban areas can be less. ABC Legal charges per address, entity, and the number of cases being served.
  • I am serving two defendants at the same address. What does that cost?
    We charge per defendant, per address, and per case. So, each party will be priced the same.
  • How do I know if you serve in a particular area?
    We serve documents across the United States. To find pricing for your area, simply go to
  • I need to serve someone, but don’t know their address. Can you find them for me?
    Locating an individual, by law, requires “permissible purpose”. Therefore, we can only perform a skip trace for law firms or those who have retained a licensed attorney.  Explore our skip trace options here.
  • How do I create an account with you?
    An account is created when you place your first order on our website. If you are looking to place 100+ orders per month, you may prefer a billable account. Talk with a service of process expert to learn more.
  • I need someone served on a military base or in a prison/jail. Do you do that?
    This depends on the base or jail/prison. Some allow process servers in, others do not. Some have specific requirements such as making an appointment with a base escort. Please check with the military base/jail directly to confirm.
  • I need server names for my Motion and Order. How do I get those?
    Please add this request in the “Additional Instruction” field when placing your order on our website. When ABC Legal is reviewing your order, we will provide you with the name of the servers that cover the address/region you are requesting.
  • I’m ready to place an order. What’s next?
    Visit and search for the best price or place an order at the default price here:

International FAQ

  • I need to serve documents under the Hague Convention. Do you do that?
    Yes, absolutely. To place an order for Hague Service, here’s a link to our International page.
  • Do you serve outside the US?
    In most cases, yes. Please reach out to our International team via email to to find out if we can serve where you need.
  • Why is my order showing Canceled?
    Often, this happens because we are waiting for confirmation from you regarding whether we are to use electronic copies for service or if we are to wait for court-issued documents from your country’s Ministry of Justice.
  • I need an update on my International order. Who can help?
    For updates on International service of process, email

Troubleshooting Orders


Order Related Issues FAQ

  • Will ABC Legal file my complaint?
    When representing yourself, your case will not begin until your complaint has been filed with the court and the other party has been served notice as part of due process. ABC Legal does not file documents on behalf of those without legal representation. ABC Legal is able to serve your documents post-filing.
  • What are your office hours?
    Our office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, M-F, Pacific time.
  • Can I talk to the process server? I need to give them specific instructions about this service.
    Please add specific instructions in the “Additional Information” field when placing your order. You can also add this information later on the order detail page at
  • I just got an email saying the service address is bad or invalid. I know this person lives/works there.
    1.  This doesn’t always mean that the defendant doesn’t live or work at the address provided. Sometimes subjects are actively evading service.
    2. There could be a typo somewhere in the address.
    3.  Your documents may have expired due to a court deadline. 
  • I see service is complete. Where’s my proof of service?
    Proofs are automatically generated and sent to process servers upon completion of service. Many are e-signed instantly right in our mobile app. Proofs also appear instantly on your Dashboard for review. Some courts allow for electronic signature while some require wet ink originals and even notaries. Wet ink and notaries delay proof completion. 
  • The court needs a very specific proof filled out. How do I get that to the process server?
    To have the server fill out your specific proof, please upload it with the documents to be served and note that a specific proof needs to be filled out in the "Additional Information" field when placing your order. 

Getting Your Documents to ABC Legal


  • How do I send ABC Legal my documents?
    When you place your order, you will be asked to upload your documents.

    File size is limited to 25 MB. Up to 10 PDFs can be submitted per order. A surcharge of 25 cents per page will apply for each page over 100.

    If you require ABC Legal to serve originals or are unable to upload your documents to our website, please place your order on our website and use our original documents cover sheet when mailing to us so we can make sure your documents are routed appropriately. 

What types of documents does ABC Legal deliver?

We deliver all kinds of legal documents and notices. ABC Legal has delivered notices, summonses and complaints, warrants, levies, claims, judgments, renewals, writs, garnishments, subpoenas, and more!

What sorts of legal actions can you support with the service of process?

We can deliver documents, where allowed by law, related to civil court issues including, but not limited to debt collection, small claims, family law cases, personal injury issues, subrogation claims, tort claims, breach of contract claims, equitable claims, post-judgment collections, property disputes, and landlord-tenant disputes. If you have a special type of document that needs deliver at scale, you can always reach out to learn more.

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