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Service of Process in New York: Must-Knows for Ensuring Success

Service of process in New York involves complex rules and regulations. ABC Legal helps ensure ...

What Does Proof of Service Entail?

Learn the steps needed for proper service of process and the key elements found in proof of service.

What Qualifications Does a Registered Process Server Need?

When you need to hire a registered process server, you’ll want to know these key process server ...

Recap: NCBA's Fall 2021 Conference

The fall NCBA 2021 conference was last week in San Antonio, Texas. Learn more about a special ...

NALS 2021 Legal Technology Summit

ABC Legal Services partnered with NALS for their 1st Legal Tech Summit. Learn more about the event ...

Emerging Technologies Impacting the Legal Profession

A look at how emerging technologies are making the legal industry work better, faster, smarter.

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