How Docketly’s Appearance Attorneys Help

Updating judges on cases

Attend procedural hearings on your behalf

Collecting a court order after the judge has given their official proclamation

Delivering missing documents

Rescheduling a hearing

Provide detailed hearing reports

Benefits of Docketly's Appearance Attorneys

Save Time

Save Time

Say goodbye to wasting a day at a courthouse for a 5-minute hearing or running between courts miles apart.

Increase Billable Hours

Increase Billable Hours

Increase billable hours and complete more projects without diluting the capacity of the full-time staff of your firm.

Hire Confidently

Hire Confidently

Docketly checks an attorney's standing, background, and discipline history and audits this information periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for each hearing?

Our smart pricing allows us to offer the best attorneys for the best price in the industry. The pricing structure combines bundle, cross-client, and market discount to help you save up to 30% on appearance counsel.

Are your attorneys in good standing with the state bar?

The freelance attorneys who are listed on Docketly’s site must be in good standing with their state bar. Docketly keeps all of the paperwork involving an attorney’s good standing and license to practice on file. In addition, this is not simply a box that is checked once and then forgotten about. The team of professionals at Docketly actually updates their freelance attorneys’ standing every four weeks, along with any updates to an attorney’s disciplinary history and potential administrative sanctions, when applicable. Your firm can proceed with confidence knowing that the court appearance attorneys you are working with do not have a disciplinary cloud hanging over their heads.

Are your attorneys covered by malpractice insurance?

Yes, Docketly provides an umbrella policy for all appearance attorneys on its network. In addition, attorneys can upload their own malpractice insurance policy. You’re able to easily view an insurance “badge” on the attorney’s profile page indicating they carry their own policy. You can also use this added layer of insurance as a criterion during filtering.

Is your appearance counsel experienced?

Docketly can help remove any concerns you may have about trusting your firm’s important legal matters to a lawyer who is still green. When you are looking at an attorney’s profile on Docketly, you can see how many cases they have handled and how many appearances they have covered. When it comes to measuring experience, Docketly employs a tier ranking system. An attorney ranked at tier one in a certain practice has the least amount of experience, while an attorney who falls into tier three has the most experience. You can even filter search results if you wish to exclude lawyers who fall into tier one for your firm’s needs.

Docketly also employs a similar tier ranking system when it comes to the type of hearing an attorney is qualified to handle. For example, a basic docket call would fall into tier one, whereas a contested bench trial would fall into tier three. This approach helps ensure that an attorney who is ranked in tier one will not get assigned to a matter that is classified as tier three.

Does your appearance counsel represent parties on both sides?

Docketly actively checks the attorney network for debtor representation. You can exclude attorneys who represent debtors from working for certain clients, or you can use this as a custom compliance setting for all of your hearings.

What if the system doesn’t find anyone?

We covered 92% of all hearings automatically in 2019.

The remaining 8% was handled by our coverage team. They work tirelessly to find attorneys in difficult areas,
calling, negotiating, juggling schedules.

You get regular updates about the state of coverage. You will see how many attorneys were notified, how many rejected the hearing, etc. Our coverage representatives will promptly inform you about any unusual circumstances that hinder the appearance counsel in the area, such as conflict of interest for local attorneys.

How will you ensure that every contract attorney will appear at the hearing at the correct time?

Docketly helps to avoid accidental no-shows or late arrivals to the hearing through:

  • Automated reminders and a calendar application and/or an integration with commonly used online calendars (such as Google Calendar and Outlook) so that all their contract attorneys will receive reminders on their personal calendars;
  • Real-time notifications, in case of hearing rescheduling;
  • Smart controls to make sure that you can’t accidentally double-book an attorney or schedule them for hearings that are too far apart to reach in a timely manner;
  • A strict policy that bans attorneys who fail to appear so that you know you’re only working with the best and most reliable appearance counsel.
Grow Your Network with Us
Docketly’s network of nationwide appearance attorneys, combined with ABC Legal’s process servers, gives you instant access to a team you can trust, allowing you to focus on core areas where you’re most needed. You’ll always have an extra hand you can count on whenever—or wherever––needed thanks to our full vetting and relationships across the United States.