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Service of Process In The Collections and Debt Recovery Process


Official Notice

If you want to provide a final, official notice to a tenant, an ABC Legal process server is a professional third-party agent for the delivery of important documents.


Notifying Parties Of a Legal Action

If you are looking to pursue the case in small claims or civil court, you’ll need to file paperwork with the proper court. After filing, the opposing party must be notified of the lawsuit. That’s where ABC Legal can help.

Validating Process Server Qualifications

Get qualified process servers to deliver your documents. ABC Legal verifies that each process server in our network meets court requirements, which can vary by state or court, prior to service.

Delivering The Documents

Courts have rules about how, when, and to whom documents may be delivered, especially when it involves tenancy. ABC Legal creates rules in our mobile app for process servers that ensure that attempts are compliant with court requirements.

Documenting Service of Process

Courts need confirmation that the documents were properly served. With ABC Legal, you get proof of service, which you’ll need to file with the court, as well as documentation from each attempt including GPS data and photos to corroborate delivery in case service is contested.
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The service of process is quite a significant step in eviction.

We are so pleased that you have helped us during the process. You worked on this case quickly and efficiently, returned all calls and e-mails as soon as possible. You are very responsive, competent and professional. We have already emailed the affidavit of service to the judge. Thank you so much for your time and help! Thank you for your excellent Job!

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Prompt and Fast Service!

They are fast and prompt, if you need to update them with additional information you just login to your account and send a message that will be sent to the process server. Would highly recommend.

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ABC Legal Services were excellent for me.

They delivered my documents to the right people at the right time. They recorded and notified me of the status efficiently. I would recommend them to anyone else needed these services.

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  • 4-6 service attempts
  • Outstanding online and live phone support
  • Photo & GPS data on every attempt
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Rush Delivery Standard + $65
  • Special Dispatch to process server
  • Expedited first attempt and 3-5 repeat attempts
  • Outstanding online and live phone support
  • Photo & GPS data on every attempt
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for service of process for eviction cases?

Service of process laws and requirements vary state-by-state and sometimes by court. There are laws around who can deliver the documents, to whom the documents can be delivered, when delivery can occur, and how delivery should be documented.

At ABC Legal, we have our own, high standards for process servers that meet or exceed these requirements and detailed rules in our systems that confirm compliance at every step.

For evictions, there may be additional considerations around notice requirements. ABC Legal can assist with the documented delivery of notices in some states. Start a conversation with us to learn more.

Can you serve a summons and complaint for my landlord tenant dispute?

Yes, in most cases, we can deliver a summons and complaint for a landlord-tenant dispute.

Process servers deliver legal documents alerting people to legal actions taken in or resulting from judgments in civil courts. As unbiased delivery agents, they are eligible to deliver documents for all kinds of civil court cases, except where there are special laws or rules.  There are certain situations where process servers may not serve; in certain states, for example, third parties are not allowed in certain areas unsupervised. 

Learn more about process servers and service of process here.

Can ABC Legal serve my tenant documents?

ABC Legal can deliver legal documents to other parties involved in a dispute. If you’re trying to take your tenant to court over lease violations, failure to maintain the property, or for non-payment of rent, ABC Legal can provide you with exceptional service of process. Get your case to the next stage by delivering the court-approved documents to the appropriate party. We can deliver legal documents associated with any of the following landlord rights issues, and more!

  • Late or Nonpayment of Rent

  • Property damages

  • Eviction

  • Foreclosure

  • Violation of lease

  • Failure to maintain the property

  • Abandoning the property

What documents can you deliver?

Whether you need notices, summonses and complaints, warrants, levies, claims, judgments, renewals, writs, garnishments, subpoenas, or any other legal document delivered, we have you covered. Place an order online today.

Do you have a process server near me?

Send us your documents and we'll do our utmost to get them where they need to go.  We deliver in all 50 states. ABC Legal has the largest process server network in the U.S. with more than 2.5K active process servers that regularly deliver documents. 

Learn more about our process servers. 

Do you have eviction process servers?

Process servers are professional delivery agents and are able to deliver documents for most kinds of cases in civil court. We have 2.5K process servers who are active in our network - regularly delivering documents, plus more ready and waiting to serve when needed.

Process servers at ABC Legal are professionals and will handle your eviction case with the promptness and professionalism necessary to ensure your case can move forward.

Place your order to get service of process started for your case today!

What do I need to order service of process for my non-payment of rent lawsuit?

All you need are the documents you need delivered in a digital format, the name of the person you hope to serve, and the address you'd like us to go to. If there's anything special you want us to know or do for delivery, you can add additional notes for the process server, such as particular days to try or a description of the party to be served, during the place order process.

Place an order online today!

How do you know process servers are following all the court rules?

ABC Legal has automation in place that comb attempts, validating the proximity of the recorded location to where service should have occurred, confirming that there aren't any other discrepancies related to service of process, and ensuring diligence is met.

How can I review case status and see progress?

Stay informed throughout your order with flexible communication options including texts, emails, and detailed updates available in your secure account. Learn more.

Want to know what's happening? Log in to your secure account to track progress live:

Not a customer yet? See how it works here.

What types of legal cases can ABC Legal deliver documents for?

ABC Legal has you covered for service of process for all your civil court needs. From debt collection and small claims to tort claims and breaches of contract; from equitable claims to landlord/tenant issues and family law to property disputes, we can support your case with excellent service of process where allowed by law. If you have a special type of document that needs deliver at scale, you can always reach out to learn more.