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How do I sign up for an ABC Legal account?

All you need to do to get started with ABC Legal is to provide your contact information and confirm your email address. Get started here: Login or Sign Up.

If you're looking at ABC Legal+Clio, create your account or sign in here.

If you're looking at ABC Legal+Litify, let's start by making sure your ABC Legal account is ready to go and your preferences are known.

If you're interested in learning more about our EDI solution, reach out to your account manager or start a conversation with our service of process experts here.

What do I get with a “standard” delivery with ABC Legal?

Get a standard that is anything but average for your case. ABC Legal's "standard delivery" is a comprehensive service of process package for law firms and legal professionals including around 4-6 attempts (until documents are served or diligence can be met), supporting time-stamped GPS coordinates and photos for each attempt, proof of service, real-time tracking available 24/7 on our customer portal, and email notifications about status changes and service attempts.

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How do you compare to other service of process vendors?

ABC Legal optimizes service of process for legal professionals and process servers alike. Our efficiencies are next-level and our standards are the highest in the industry.

Discover ABC Legal, service of process, done right.

How do you qualify your process servers?

We use a 7-point system we use to evaluate process servers. We vet them to ensure they meet local requirements, perform background checks, provide training, evaluate their performance to ensure compliance, validate their ability to provide service, as well as their location and availability.

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How much does service of process with ABC Legal cost?

Unlike other vendors, we have charge a flat rate per state - no hidden fees or future charges if the address is in a rural location.

Price is based on the cost of service of process in each state. You can see how much service of process would cost for you by entering the address of the party to be served 
in the place order process.

If you're interested in learning more about what you get with the flat rate we charge, check out our value and pricing page.