Why File Documents Electronically?

Move Faster

Move Faster

Increase processing speed, access files quickly, and keep up with client demand.

Improve Accuracy

Improve Accuracy

Get files where they need to go within the court system automatically. It's seamless.

Save Space

Save Space

Reduce the amount of on- and off-site document storage required.

Guide: Finding the Right EFSP
Learn how to find the eFiling service provider that fits your team's needs.

How To Choose the Right Electronic Filing Service Provider

Ask About State, Venue, and Case Experience

If an EFSP works in an area regularly, they are more likely to be aware of the different challenges and requirements of filing in that area. They are the first to see changes that impact future filings.

Consider the EFSP’s Platform Knowledge

Each court has a platform or electronic filing manager (EFM) for accepting and processing e-filing documents. Your EFSP needs to be familiar with EFM file formatting and submission requirements.

Tip: Platforms sometimes release lists of certified EFSPs. Check out Odyssey eFileCA's list.

Ensure Readiness for eFiling Hand-Off

Check for common eFiling mistakes, such as missing information, forgotten fields, unsigned documents, or improperly formatted files. A simple review catches errors and saves valuable time.

Ask About Breadth of Service

Checking an e-filing provider’s willingness to work with different systems and in different states saves time down the line. Get one vendor who can do more.

Do More With One Vendor
ABC Legal is an EFSP specializing in filing for service of process. Start a conversation with us to learn more about filing availability in your state.