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Filing in the wrong venue can lead to large fines and loss of trust, yet court jurisdictions can be frustratingly complex. This usually results in several phone calls to find the right court, often requiring a second submission to the right venue. Each state and each county is different, so you can lose precious time just trying to find the right location.

That’s why we collaborate with court clerks to understand exactly how their jurisdictional boundaries are mapped, state by state. We’ve then incorporated this court data into our proprietary AI technology to provide you with the right location based on defendant location and the amount of the lawsuit. ABC Legal has been locating venues for over 10 years and our technology continuously updates as court systems change, ensuring you always obtain the latest and most accurate information.

Individual or Bulk Venue Search

Individual or Bulk Venue Search

Simply enter the amount of the lawsuit and the defendant’s address and you’ll get instant results on the best venue for that case. Need to serve multiple cases with different locations? Simply upload a batch file and we’ll return the correct venue for each of your cases.

Proprietary AI Technology

Proprietary AI Technology

We’ve modeled our proprietary technology based on each state and county geographic and monetary boundaries, and have incorporated thresholds that determine which court types are eligible for which types of suit. Our technology runs through address validation to see that the address exists, then proceeds through each state and county to find the right court for your case. This means you get instant results without needing to do all the research!

Venue Protection

Venue Protection

Not sure if you have the right court? Simply send us the suit to be filed and the location, and we’ll tell you if there is a mismatch. Our investigations team can also check to see if the defendant’s address is correct before selecting the venue. This service is available in 15 states — Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

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Very happy with ABC Legal. They are so professional, timely and responsive.
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Great job. 
Efficient. I especially appreciate receiving timely updates regarding service attempts. Your portal for placing orders is also super easy.

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