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Brandon Fuller Announced as New CTO of ABC Legal

What it means for Brandon Fuller, president of Docketly to now take on a dual role as the new CTO of ABC Legal after their 2019 merger.

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ABC Mobile App: Service & Product Updates July 13, 2020

We increased our customer experience by reducing the rate of service attempts, a new routing optimization feature, and additional rideshare-like features.

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ABC Legal’s Ongoing Response to Covid-19 and Phased Reopening

This is what ABC Legal did to continue to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic without risking the safety and health of the communities we serve.

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ABC Legal Mitigates Risk and Liability with our Pandemic Response Plan

ABC Legal COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan ensures customers stay free of possible liability lawsuits while continuing safe and reliable process service.

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3 Features for a Higher Service Rate & More Bulletproof Service

We added three features to the ABC Mobile App that will improve your service rate and make your proofs even more bulletproof. 

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New Mexico Venue Selection, Enhanced Service Attempt Detail and More

Recent features mean you can calculate district court venues in New Mexico and capture even more detail on each process service attempt.

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