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ABC Legal’s Ongoing Response to Covid-19 and Phased Reopening

This is what ABC Legal did to continue to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic without risking the safety and health of the communities we serve.

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ABC Legal Mitigates Risk and Liability with our Pandemic Response Plan

ABC Legal COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan ensures customers stay free of possible liability lawsuits while continuing safe and reliable process service.

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Open for Service in 47 States

ABC Legal is now accepting new and resumed service requests in 47 states. Your action is required to restart your suspended cases.  Learn how.

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3 Features for a Higher Service Rate & More Bulletproof Service

We added three features to the ABC Mobile App that will improve your service rate and make your proofs even more bulletproof. 

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Safe service procedures deployed in 16 States

ABC Legal is now accepting new and resumed service requests in 16 states, including Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Texas.

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Client Protection Against Premature Service

New features protect clients from serving cases prematurely as law firms get back to work. Custom protection is available to law firms and clients.

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