Texas Justice Court Jurisdictions

Find the correct Justice of the Peace for any address in Texas using ABC Legal's interactive map.


Stop Calling Courts.

Filing in the wrong venue can lead to large fines and lost trust. Court jurisdictions can be frustratingly complex. But, it's time to stop making phone calls to determine venue.

We tried outsourcing it overseas, but they were still just doing the same old thing—calling clerks on every file. ABC's solution is so much better.

- ABC Legal Customer

There is a Better Way.

We collaborated with court clerks to understand exactly how their jurisdictional boundaries are mapped. Then we modeled those geographic boundaries as structured data and incorporated thresholds that determine which court types are eligible for which suits. Today, ABC Legal customers determine venue by batch using our web interface or data exchange.


Proven Daily.

ABC Legal files and serves 3,500 cases every day, or roughly a million cases a year.   That means our court runners and support staff are among the first to know when boundaries change due to closures, administrative actions, or redistricting.   Our customers rely on ABC Legal to protect them from the dangers of filing and serving in an incorrect venue every day.


How to Use

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How to Use


Use the input box above the map to enter an address in Texas.


The map will zoom to your search and display the Justice of the Peace assigned to that location based. 

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  • Find proper venue for high-value cases not eligible in Justice court.
  • Prevent attempted service in an incorrect venue after case filing.
  • Lookup venue by batch upload or API
  • Determine venue in other states

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