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Our Response to COVID-19

ABC Legal is open for filing and service in all 50 states.

Our Priority

Safe and Responsible Service

As the leading provider of process service nationwide, we take our role in this industry’s safety seriously. We deployed a comprehensive set of modified procedures to protect process servers, community members, and our law firm customers while serving during Covid-19.



Learn how we've prepared process servers to serve safely

ABC Legal's Safe Service Procedure

ABC Legal developed the Safe Service Procedure to reduce transmission risk during the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate the impacts of process service on process server and community health.   Read the full policy here: COVID-19 Safe Service Procedure

Health Screenings

Check daily for symptoms or exposure to others who are symptomatic.

Clean Hands & Vehicle

Wash hands or use sanitizer often and maintain a clean workspace.

Protective Equipment

Wear mask and gloves supplied by ABC Legal and sourced outside the medical supply chain.

Sealed Documents

Documents are sealed in plastic coverings which protect the documents 

Contactless service

Knock, then retreat 8 feet from the door. Confirm identity at a distance.

Confirm Receipt Visually

Remain present and watch the subject retrieve sealed documents.

New Mobile Workflows

Record service in ABC Mobile to document the safe service procedure on the proof.

Training & Certification

Safe service certification required to resume service.

News & Updates

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Service Status by Location

Serving in all locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Resuming Service

Check our Service Status by Location Map for the latest updates.

We are re-opening geographies as soon as we can positively answer our 3 critical requirements:  

  1. serving process must be safe and not spread the virus, 
  2. law firms have control which cases to resume when, and 
  3. process servers should not face penalties for serving.   

The first requirement, safety, was fully deployed in early May.  This includes safe handling and delivery training, certification, and protective equipment procurement across our entire process server network. 

The second requirement, your ability to choose which cases go, suspend, or cancel, is ready to go today for all customers.  We rapidly developed, deployed, and tested this new software specifically designed to support your controlled roll-out as we open fulfillment. 

The final requirement, no penalties, is going to be unique state by state and even county by county.  We expect most states will be open by the middle of May.

Yes, we will fulfill your job up to the point where we can, which in most states includes filing your case but holding service. 

Once this state is open for active service deliveries you will be prompted to continue this job.  If the state is already open, the service will continue without interruption. 

Not necessarily. Of course states will open if shelter orders are removed but our underlying criteria beyond safety and your ability to control when and what to re-start is confirmation that our process servers will not face fines or penalties.

We anticipate opening service in states, counties, and cities that continue to enforce shelter orders where we've affirmatively determined that our process servers will not face fines or penalties.

No.  Your explicit authorization is also necessary to resume suspended services. We have added online features giving you the ability to find jobs on hold, understand whether they can be resumed, and resume or cancel individually or as a batch.

Step-by-step instructions: How to Find and Manage Jobs Suspended during Covid-19

All of your suspended cases have a new, unique, action item.  You can use the action item report to view these cases or download a list of them in excel.   For cases in geographies where ABC has resumed service, you will be able to resume or cancel each case.


We understand and applaud the many firms who will continue to pursue their clients’ long-term interests by determining that this is not the appropriate time to resume service in all cases.   

None of your suspended cases will restart automatically.  You can use the new action item to resume cases individually (or in batch) if and when you and your clients are ready.

Step-by-step instructions: How to Find and Manage Jobs Suspended during Covid-19

For additional protection, consider configuring a custom client-based suspension schedule: Client Protection Against Premature Service

ABC will hold invoicing on files suspended due to COVID-19 until after the suspension has been lifted.  Either the jobs go back out for a complete round of service attempts and are invoiced upon completion or the service is cancelled and invoiced for work-to-date upon cancellation. 

Safe Service Procedure

Yes.  We have modified ABC Mobile to allow process servers to quickly and accurately report physically distanced service and proofs of service will reflect the new protocol.   Learn more.

Here are a few screenshots from the latest ABC Mobile release:



Yes.  Every process will receive training, certification, and necessary supplies to follow the Safe Service Procedure prior to resuming service.

Absolutely.  We are encouraging all process servers to adopt these practices to protect themselves and others.   

You can download a PDF of the full policy here or from your compliance.  Or share the this page:

Sealing the service documents in air-tight plastic coverings serves two purposes:

First, the plastic protects the service documents during service at a distance, which requires the documents be set down and retrieved rather than handed directly to the recipient.   Without the covering, the documents could be damaged by exposure to the elements, as during service in inclement weather with no dry surface on which to safely set the documents.

Second, the recipient has the option to discard the plastic covering and wash their hands, confident the contents within have not been recently exposed to viral matter.

Submitting New Jobs & Payments Online

You can place an order by logging into your account at Once you are in your customer account, select “Place Order” to begin.



Sign in to your account, and select “Make Payments” to access the epay portal. From there, you can make a one-time payment.  Or, select “Recurring Payments” to set up or change your payment method.

Click Make Payments

Delect Recurring Payments

Customers need to have at least one payment method saved before they can setup recurring payment.

To add a payment method: Go to Wallet and Add New Payment Method.


Select either Credit Card or E-Check -> Enter info -> Save.

You can use your saved payment method to pay for invoices online or set up recurring payments.

Courts, Filing & Messengers

COVID-19 Court ClosuresDocketly, and ABC Legal Company

Courts Offering Telephonic Appearances - Docketly, an ABC Legal Company

Coronavirus: The Latest Court Closures And Restrictions - Law360

Roughly 65% of nationwide court documents are managed digitally – our capacity to process digital documents (including filing and e-dispatch) is 100%.   Our API-based e-filing and automated electronic document handling software requires no physical presence . . . it lives securely in the cloud and is operating at 100%.

The remaining 35% of nationwide court documents, which requires physical handling, are being disrupted on several levels – including: USPS, UPS, FedEx, and local shelter-in-place orders.  ABC has staff handling physical documents who are working in isolation.  This allows ABC to adhere to strict shelter-in-place orders while continuing fulfillment operations.

As a customer you can help by uploading services digitally on rather than sending in physical documents. 

ABC Legal is happy to report that route service in WA will resume on Tuesday May 26th, the day after the Memorial Day Holiday.  We had to revise our earlier date due to the Governor’s order.

ABC couriers will be provided with masks and additional equipment to ensure safe interactions with your office staff. The safety of our customers and employees is the most important concern as we return to work.

The entirety of the invoice for May route service, issued on April 24th, will be fully credited.  ABC is providing route service for free in the last week of May as a thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

A small, but growing staff is still available for any special delivery you might have.  Please call 206-467-7000,  email and attach pleadings to, or upload documents directly through your ABC web portal at