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COVID-19 Filing and Service Updates

Process service is suspended nationwide.  Filing is operational in all courts open for business.

Last Updated: April 7, 2020

Service of Process is Suspended Due to Covid-19 Risks

On Friday March 27, ABC Legal decided to stop service of process nationwide.  At that time, just 26 states had shelter-in-place orders. Today, 95% of the nation is under some form of government stay-at-home order.

ABC Legal’s primary concerns are for the safety of our process servers and the public. We also are very concerned with maintaining our customers’ reputations as well as their clients’. Our decision to stop sending process servers into communities was aimed at protecting process servers, the public, our customers and their clients. Ceasing service of process preserves the highly valuable brands and reputations of our customers and their clients. It would be devastating to have one of our servers become infected in order to serve papers. It would be equally devastating to have a consumer contract Covid-19 from one of our process servers. Imagine the repercussions of tying a Covid-19 diagnosis in any way to one of our customers or their clients.

Service of process is what we do. We don’t want to stop, but our process servers, the public, and our customers come before our bottom line. When it is safe and prudent to do so, we will begin dispatching service of process. Right now, we are actively evaluating the conditions under which we can safely re-start. 

ABC will hold invoicing on files suspended due to COVID-19 until after the suspension has been lifted.  Either the jobs go back out for a complete round of service attempts and are invoiced upon completion or the service is cancelled and invoiced for work-to-date upon cancellation. 


Filing Operations

Roughly 65% of nationwide court documents are managed digitally – our capacity to process digital documents (including filing and e-dispatch) is 100%.   Our API-based e-filing and automated electronic document handling software requires no physical presence . . . it lives securely in the cloud and is operating at 100%.

The remaining 35% of nationwide court documents, which requires physical handling, are being disrupted on several levels – including: USPS, UPS, FedEx, and local shelter-in-place orders.  ABC has staff handling physical documents who are working in isolation.  This allows ABC to adhere to strict shelter-in-place orders while continuing fulfillment operations.

As a customer you can help by uploading services digitally on rather than sending in physical documents. 

Meanwhile we have implemented extensive precautions to prioritize health and safety throughout the remainder of our operations.

As documented in our Pandemic Response Plan:

  • Employee safety is the highest priority.
  • Pandemic response is a rapidly-changing environment, requiring continuous monitoring to ensure plans match conditions.
  • Planning and procedures are designed to both reduce the risk of infection and manage employee concerns/ensure continuity of work.

Read the full policy: ABC Legal Pandemic Response Plan 


Court Closures

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Route Messenger Service in Washington State

In order to protect everyone involved, ABC Legal is suspending the daily route messenger service effective this Wednesday April 1st, 2020. 

The King County Courts remain open. Therefore, ABC Legal Special Delivery service will continue at this time.  We are offering limited courier staff to file and deliver pleadings. Please contact the messenger department at 206-467-7000 for all Puget Sound filing and delivery. You can also request pickups or attach documents for delivery by email to

Route messenger customers will not be charged for April route service. ABC will credit that route service invoice.


Online Submission for New Jobs & Payments

As a customer you can help protect our staff and prevent delays by uploading orders and sending payments digitally on rather than sending in physical documents.  

You can place an order by logging into your account at Once you are in your customer account, select “Place Order” to begin.

How to Place an Order Modified


Sign in to your account, and select “Make Payments” to access the epay portal. From there, you can make a one-time payment.  Or, select “Recurring Payments” to set up or change your payment method.

Customers need to have at least one payment method saved before they can setup recurring payment.

To add a payment method: Go to Wallet and Add New Payment Method.


Select either Credit Card or E-Check -> Enter info -> Save.

You can use your saved payment method to pay for invoices online or set up recurring payments.