Client Protection Against Premature Service

May 5, 2020 2 min read
Tim Dinehart

Written by 

Tim Dinehart

New features protect clients from serving cases prematurely as law firms get back to work.

To resume serving safely and responsibly, law firms should decide when and where to resume each service.   Last week we deployed online tools that enable firms to find and resume suspended jobs.

Based on feedback from law firms and their clients, we have added the capability to prolong suspended service by plaintiff.   Doing so adds an additional layer of protection for firms and clients.

For Clients

As a client or plaintiff, you can request a customized service suspension across all law firms, affecting every service job assigned to ABC Legal.   

While your suspension is in place, you can be 100% confident that cases in which you are the plaintiff will not be served prematurely, no matter which law firm is representing you.    


For Law Firms

As a law firm, you can request a customized service suspension for one or more of your clients, applying only to jobs originating from your firm for the plaintiff(s) you identify.

By doing so, you can be 100% confident that every case will follow the protocol you agreed upon with your client, no matter which of your team members interacts with the case. 


In all instances, the suspension can be made nationally or by geography, and can be configured to expire on a certain date or remain indefinitely.

Contact Karen Adams ( to configure your custom schedule.



Tim Dinehart

Written by

Tim Dinehart
Chief Operating Officer at ABC Legal Services. A six-sigma expert, Tim leads process improvement initiatives at ABC Legal, integrating technology with operations to benefit our customers in unique ways. Prior to ABC Legal, Tim led business process improvement, finance, and customer support areas with Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Whole Foods Markets.

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