Tim Dinehart

Tim Dinehart

Chief Operating Officer at ABC Legal Services. A six-sigma expert, Tim leads process improvement initiatives at ABC Legal, integrating technology with operations to benefit our customers in unique ways. Prior to ABC Legal, Tim led business process improvement, finance, and customer support areas with Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Whole Foods Markets.

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Hillsborough County Implements New COVID-19 Restrictions

Hillsborough County suspended court appearances, transfer of inmates from jail to the courthouse ...

Healthcare Litigation Trends to Watch in 2020

Government agencies responded to COVID-19 with ever-changing guidelines, regulations and passed new ...

Access to the Justice System for Those with Disabilities

The first-ever guidelines on access to justice for people with disabilities are an “indispensable ...

Client Protection Against Premature Service

New features protect clients from serving cases prematurely as law firms get back to work. Custom ...

Automatically E-File Alias Summonses in Florida

With ABC Legal’s FL Alias Summons Automation, ABC Legal will generate and e-file an Alias Summons ...

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