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Serving During COVID-19

Safety is paramount

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak varies greatly from state to state, and community to community. It is important that you take the proper steps to protect yourself and those you interact with. 

The following steps to reduce risk of transmission are required of all process servers when printing, organizing, or delivering documents for ABC Legal. 

If you are feeling ill at all, or have interacted with someone confirmed to have COVID-19, please cease all service activity until at least 24 hours after symptoms have subsided (without symptom reducing medication). Contact us for help organizing your work in progress.

Final Cut PPE Package Education

Requirements for Serving Documents from ABC Legal

Document Preparation

1. Printed in a Controlled Environment

All documents should be printed in a clean work space while wearing a face mask and any other necessary protective gear. Hands should be thoroughly washed for at least 20 seconds with soap and water before putting on any protective gear. 

2. Plastic Covers

As soon as is practical following printing, each set of documents should be sealed in a plastic protective covering.

3. Deliver Documents Inside Plastic Covers

Documents should remain within the plastic covers and should not be removed by anyone other than the final recipient. (also see: Procedures in the Field #9 below)

COVID Service How To 2

Procedures in the Field

1. Daily Health Screenings

Process Servers should perform a self-check before engaging in work activities to confirm that they are not symptomatic or have been recently exposed to those who have been symptomatic.

2. Personal Protective Equipment

Process Servers should wear a face mask when printing, organizing, or delivering documents. Gloves are also strongly recommended. 

A Cloth Mask

A proper face mask or covering should fit snugly, be secured with ties or ear loops, include multiple layers of fabric, allow for ease of breathing, and be able to be laundered (daily). The mask is intended to protect other people in case you are infected, so it should be worn when exiting your vehicle or approaching a service location. You should not attempt to obtain a face mask meant for a healthcare worker, as those resources should be preserved for them. Here the Surgeon General shows how to make a proper face mask out of a t-shirt.


Gloves help minimize the risk of spreading germs from surface to surface or individual to individual and we strongly encourage they be worn anytime you are out serving or handling documents you intend to deliver.

3. A Clean Hands Working Environment

Process Servers are expected to wash their hands regularly and use hand sanitizer. Process servers are expected to maintain a clean working environment by using anti-viral cleaning products regularly. 

4. Distanced Greeting

Process Servers should knock, then retreat a minimum of eight feet from the doorway. If eight feet is not possible (such as in an apartment complex), Process Servers should retreat the maximum distance possible under the circumstances.  

5. Ranged Identification

Process Servers should conduct identification at a distance, requesting confirmation of residency and confirm identity as normal. 

6. Short Advance to Serve

If service is appropriate, Process Servers should take one step forward and place the sealed documents on the ground (maintaining 6 feet of distance), identifying them as legal documents. 

7. Retreat and Observe

Process Servers should then retreat to at least eight feet away again and allow the subject to retrieve the sealed documents in view. Process Servers should remain present until they can visually confirm the documents have been retrieved. 

8. Override at Request of Subject

At the direct and express request of the subject, Process Servers may conduct hand-delivery of documents rather than following the field procedures outlined above. Process Servers should verbally confirm that the subject is requesting hand-delivery prior to approaching the subject. Even when so requested, such hand-delivery should always be conducted expediently and performed with minimal contact. 

9. Override at Request of Local Laws

In order to comply with local laws, rules, or court orders, Process Servers may breach document quarantine to initial or otherwise mark the documents at the time of service, or conduct other actions necessary to lawfully effect service in their area. 

Proper Removal of Gloves

Gloves, once used, are contaminated and should be removed by grabbing a portion of the glove near the wrist, pulling away, and then placing this glove in the un-removed one. The second glove should be removed by sliding fingers under the glove and pulling away, trapping the first glove