When & How to Safely Resume Serving Legal Process

Apr 14, 2020 2 min read

Since we suspended serving on March 27th we’ve received overwhelming support from our process servers and customers, including the US Department of Justice. Thank you for your endorsement of our decision to put safety above our bottom line.

We've used the time on pause to develop new, innovative procedures, policies, and training to protect your business interests and the public. We are currently testing these changes and are preparing to resume service in select geographies by April 30th, 2020.


Our regional schedule for resuming service will be determined by an internal review of the legal risks to individual process servers delivering legal notice during local shelter orders. Our review does not include any assessment of restrictions on specific types of legal action. Every service—in any geography—will conform to our new protections that mitigate the impacts of process service on process server and community health.

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been concerned with maintaining our customers’ reputations as well as their clients’. Our decision to resume service does not mean you or your clients should choose to do so. We understand that each client and case will call for a unique decision that weighs legal and reputational risk against your client’s needs.

You—the law firm—will have full control over when and whether to resume each case. Our upcoming changes will give you visibility into every suspended case and the ability to resume or cancel each one via your web portal. No suspended services will be resumed without your explicit authorization.

ABC Legal is committed to reducing your risk and ensuring your serves are as safe and effective as possible. We will continue to share additional information by email and on our Covid-19 Updates page.

Steve Carrigan

Written by

Steve Carrigan
Chief Executive Officer at ABC Legal Services. Steve got his start in the industry in 1983 and by working his way through college as a messenger and process server at ABC Legal. Steve helped launch ABC Legal’s successful PFI brand in 1994 and has played a significant role in growing annual revenues of $12M in 2001 to more than $100M in 2019.

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