Why ABC Legal Decided to Stop Serving Process During the Covid-19 Pandemic

On Friday March 27, ABC Legal decided to stop service of process nationwide.  At that time, just 26 states had shelter-in-place orders. Today, 95% of the nation is under some form of government stay-at-home order.

ABC Legal’s primary concerns are for the safety of our process servers and the public. We also are very concerned with maintaining our customers’ reputations as well as their clients’. Our decision to stop sending process servers into communities was aimed at protecting process servers, the public, our customers and their clients. Ceasing service of process preserves the highly valuable brands and reputations of our customers and their clients. It would be devastating to have one of our servers become infected in order to serve papers. It would be equally devastating to have a consumer contract Covid-19 from one of our process servers. Imagine the repercussions of tying a Covid-19 diagnosis in any way to one of our customers or their clients.

Service of process is what we do. We don’t want to stop, but our process servers, the public, and our customers come before our bottom line. When it is safe and prudent to do so, we will begin dispatching service of process. Right now, we are actively evaluating the conditions under which we can safely re-start. Until then, please stay healthy and keep in touch.

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