3 Features for a Higher Service Rate & More Bulletproof Service

We added three features to ABC Mobile that will improve your service rate and make your proofs even more bulletproof. 

1. Safe Service

First, to clearly show that your documents were served safely and in accordance with CDC distancing guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic, we added a unique delivery method and corresponding language reflecting our safe service procedures:




2. Residency Indicators

Next, to document additional evidence regarding who was served and who co-resides at the service location we capture common indicators of residency. These include call box listings, communication with neighbors or property managers, clearly visible packages addressed to the respondent, and the presence of vehicles registered to the individual being served.

Altogether, the proof of service reflects a detailed and thorough account of who was served and how service took place. Here's a recent real-world example:



3. Non-Residency Indicators

Finally, we didn't stop with successful services.  When service proves difficult, we now capture specific non-residency indicators:

Non Residency Indicators-1

By leveraging machine-learning, these non-residency indicators will contribute to our more accurate understanding of whether a bad address is really a bad address and and even more precise predictions of service probability.  

While these features may not change your day-to-day, we hope that by improving your service rate and making your proofs of service even more bulletproof they will strengthen your legal practice.

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