Lessening Your Workload

Too Busy - Drop an Area!

You Decide Where You Work

Is there a zip code you're not a fan of working? You can release it. Is there an area you can't stand driving out to? Or one that is making you go overdue? You can let go of it anytime.

All areas assigned to you can be viewed in your Manage Areas tab of ABC Mobile. This section displays every different type of assignment you can have - Primary, Secondary, and Backup - and allows you to release one at any time. The power lies in your hands.

Save Time. Keep Your Limit Up

It seems intuitive to lower your limit if you want less work, but this just keeps you driving the same miles per day for fewer jobs, as work in your primary areas starts going to the secondaries. The fact is you don't want less work, you want to work less. Instead of capping the number of jobs you can receive, drop an area so that you get a little less work and don't have to drive as much as before.

Don't Overwork Yourself

We want our servers to commit to all the work in their primary areas, but you aren't locked in forever. You can release an area assignment at any time for any reason, and even ask us to reassign work in that area if you need a lighter workload.