How is Serving with ABC Legal Different?


ABC Mobile

We provide the best mobile app for service of process.

ABC Mobile organizes all orders assigned to you, and can help you plan custom routes. It provides unique customer rules directly in the app, a detailed history of payments, and lets you e-sign proofs directly through the app.

Want more work? ABC Mobile offers any and all services we have available right at your fingertips. If we have more work available, we'll show you right in the app.

If that wasn't enough, ABC Legal is constantly improving it's app to make your day more efficient. Look out for regular email updates on our newest developments.

Emailed Documents. E-Signed Proofs

We send all of our documents and Affidavits via email, allowing for a instant sign-off.

ABC Legal prioritizes time management. When we are allowed to proceed via online, we process proofs and documents through online services to help save you time from going to courts and appointments. You are able to instantly sign off on a proof via your electronic device, allowing for instant confirmation. Documents will be emailed to you or available on your account to print for process serving.

Case Filing

That's right, no need to drive to the courthouse, as we take care of filing the documents.


We do the investigating

ABC Legal provides all information available regarding the subject.

Though you may need to knock on the neighbors door to gather information, all other investigations are completed by ABC Legal. Any pertinent information we find for the case will be on the coversheet for the documents, or in ABC Mobile, so you can spend more time serving process.

We handle service complaints

We have a dedicated team who works with customers on any service complaints.