Refusal of Service

On occasion, a person legally allowed to accept will refuse to take the documents you are trying to serve them. This could be the person named in the documents, a co-resident who could be substitute served, or, in the event of a business: a manager or registered agent.

It is generally allowed to serve someone who had refused to take the documents, an act often referred to as "Drop Service" since they are most frequently placed on the ground in front of the individual being served. 

When "Drop Service" is NOT allowed 

Per State Rules: Alabama, Tennessee, and Illinois do not allow service to someone who has refused. Colorado only allows service to someone who has refused if it is personal service.

Per Customer Rules: If Customer Requirements include "Do not Drop Serve" then you should not serve anyone who refuses the documents.

Entering information: In these scenarios, submit an attempt and under "What did they say?" select "Service not permitted".

To Ensure a Valid Drop Service

  • Only leave the documents if the serve would otherwise be legally valid (example: substitute service needs to be allowed for you to substitute serve someone who refused the documents)
  • Only serve someone you saw and could describe.
  • Clearly communicate that you are serving them the documents.
  • Leave the document in plain view of the recipient.
  • State where the documents were left in your notes.

After Service

Leave the premises, even if that means driving a short distance before entering your notes. 

Do not take the documents back, even if the person you left the documents with tries to return them to you.

Include details, such as "by setting the documents on their porch and declaring service."