Policies and Procedures

Substitute Service Rules CO State Image 

DO NOT perform substitute service until you have confirmation from the individual receiving the documents:

  1. Is a co-resident to the individual being served
  2. Is a family member
  3. Is at least 18 years of age
  4. Their first or last name

Do not substitute serve until you have all the above criteria. If it is not possible to get one of them, hang on to the documents and submit an attempt explaining the circumstances.

Refusal of Service

You may NOT serve a co-resident if they refuse the documents.

In other words, service to someone who has refused is only permitted if you are speaking to the individual whom the documents are for (personal service).

Relationship Clarifications

For any Substitute Service the relationship between the person accepting the documents and the individual intended to be served must be included in your notes so it can appear on the proof. This would include options such as "Son", "Daughter",  "Cousin", or whatever best specifies the family relationship.

Name of Individual

You must also obtain the name of the person accepting the documents during a substitute service.

Post Judgments

To prevent rejection by the court, when serving Bank Levies or Wage Garnishments at a business, it is necessary to state in the notes the role or title of the person who received the documents, such as manager, receptionist, or CFO, followed by "Person authorized to accept".

To do so easily, under "Indicate Relationship to Servee" select "Other" and type their role/title, then on the next page "Indicate Relationship to Address" select "Person authorized to accept".

Relationship to Servee

Relationship to Address