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In Tennessee, documents must be served directly to the named defendant. Substitute service to a co-resident is not allowed.

We Are Counting On You

Tennessee documents must be handled exactly right; errors create problems for our clients.

It is very important that you correctly handle these documents. Please ensure that you are thoroughly versed on proof filing requirements. Any questions can be answered by our Process Server Support Team.

Yellow Cards

Many of your cover sheets will read, “**Deliver Yellow Card separate from the documents at the time of service.” These orders originate from one of our clients: Scott and Associates. One of these Yellow Cards must be included with each of their orders. (Continue below)

Coversheet Scott and Associates

Print the Image Below

Save the image below and print it on a yellow sheet of paper, then deliver just one of these cards with every order that has the instruction: "Deliver Yellow Card".

This image was last updated July 30th, 2020, if you have a previous version, please discard it and use the most updated version.

TX Scott and Associates Yellow Card


Important Rules to Follow when Process Serving in Tennessee:

  • Process servers are not allowed to trespass when ever there is a No Trespassing Sign. This is considered a Misdemeanor Charge with a minimum of $50 fine and up to 30 days in jail.