Increase Your Chances of Success

When are people most likely home?

You might think that most people work 9-5 jobs, Monday through Friday, and well . . . you'd be right! It's for this reason that the best process servers work the opposite schedule. A majority of successful services occur between 4-8 PM. Practice mindfulness and working with intent. Our greatest success as a business is when you, the process server, are doing the best you can to reach someone at each address.

Diligence Show For Email

Calling available phone numbers every time you do not receive an answer at the door can be very helpful in increasing the likelihood and timeliness of job resolution. (Do not seek out a phone number if one is not provided to you in ABC Mobile, and do not place a call if local regulations prohibit it).

How should I dress?

While ABC Legal does not have an official dress code, the expectation is that you represent yourself and the company respectfully. Dressing at least business-casual will only increase your odds of getting someone to the door. Imagine the situation from the perspective of the person being served: a stranger has approached their door and knocked with documents in hand. They are far more likely to answer for someone who appears on their doorstep in a professional capacity.

How should I act?

Positively and professionally. These are the two common traits among the most successful process servers we know. Introduce yourself, and speak warmly and friendly. If you offer your name to the individual at the door, they are far more likely to be forthcoming with information. Be direct about your intentions - "I have legal documents for (First name, Last name), do they live here?"

Your job requires just as much customer service as legal document courier. You are representing yourself, ABC Legal, our customers, and the courts, so treat everyone you meet with respect and speak honestly.

What should I know?

You should have the rules of service of process memorized, as well as any state specific rules that are applicable to you. Occasionally, documents from one state are sent to be served in another, so be on the lookout for those orders as you'll need to brief yourself on the rules!

Along with regularly reviewing the above rules, make sure you are familiar with ABC Legal's Expectations and ABC Legal's Operations. Being armed with this information will help you when you encounter new situations. Knowing how our company operates will assist in your understanding of our requests, and in appreciating why things are the way they are.

Sometimes, the validity of service is called into question by unhappy defendants. We always investigate these consumer complaints, and a part of that involves questioning the process server for a full explanation of service events. By knowing the rules of service, you will be better prepared to protect yourself should one of your serves be challenged. And by knowing what ABC Legal expects from process servers will help us add to that protection whenever you should need it.