Logging Phone Attempts

After making or receiving a call related to service

Whenever there is a phone number on your coversheet, you should place a call to the servee. Phone attempts do not record GPS or require a picture to be taken.

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Consistent Phone Attempts

The best process servers place a phone call to the servee any time that they do not receive an answer at the door. If someone is not home, give them a call! Be open and honest, introduce yourself, and inform them you are a courier with legal documents for them. Ask them for a good time to reach them. And, of course, accurately log the details of the phone call in ABC Mobile.

How Should These Conversations Go?

The expectations of your phone conversations do not differ much from conversations you have in person! The goal of the conversation is two-fold:

  1. Are you speaking with the defendant?
  2. Do you have the right address for service?

Be honest about who you are and your intentions, but do not divulge case information or give legal advice.

"Hi, my name is Joe McGowan calling for {Subject's Name}? Hello {Subject}, I am a process server. I have legal documents for you, can you be reached at {Address on Coversheet} or is there a better place I could meet you?"

How To Be Accurate

The phone attempt button will automatically populate "Per phone call from ####" for ease, but we know that this is not always true. It's up to you to ensure clarity when this does not describe exactly what happened! Change "from" to "to" if need be. We also know that you will occasionally have text conversations with people! In that case, no need to log each text message, instead summarize each conversation with one log with "Per text conversation with #####" 

Per Text

Phone Attempt Resolutions

After that, take whatever step makes the most sense. Did you learn that the servee still resides at the indicated address? Make attempts when they will be home, or meet them somewhere convenient. If they tell you that they moved, submit a Non-Service event in ABC Mobile.


If you have not been provided with a phone number, do not seek one out.

If your local regulations prohibit the use of phone calls in regard to service of process, do not place a phone call