How do I set up direct deposit? How do I change my bank account information?

Simple, using Access Code ABC2022 just fill out an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

Once you have direct deposit set up, then pay will go out every day banks are open.

How much will I get paid?

The rate listed in ABC Mobile. By claiming a job or assigning yourself to an area you are agreeing to resolve those jobs for the pay shown at the time you claimed it. It is always your choice whether you'd like to take a job or assign yourself to an area at the stated rate.
Once you've picked up a job or area you're locked-in to the agreed rate and it won't change. Future jobs you claim in that same zip code may be at different rates and areas you have not assigned yourself to may show different values over time.

When do I get paid?

When we receive a signed proof

After an address is resolved, a proof is generated. When that proof is completed and returned to ABC Legal, pay is then queued up for processing.

If you are on direct deposit:

Pay is processed every business day, and includes all proofs processed by ABC Legal as of the previous day. A payment notification email will be sent to you, listing each job that you will be paid for and the amount. Pay is posted to your financial institution, and the funds become available when your financial institution finishes processing.

If you receive paper checks:

Checks are cut on the 1st and 16th of each month or, if that day is a weekend or holiday, on the first business day following. Checks include all proofs received as of the previous business day. They are mailed to the address accounting has on file for the process server. Checks will include a remittance breaking down where the pay on the check is coming from, and typically take 3-5 days to arrive.

How is pay set for areas in ABC Mobile?

Pay for an area is determined by a variety of factors, including the difficulty of access, density of jobs, and number of process servers in the region. 

Jobs vs Areas: It's possible to see higher pay in Claimable Jobs than in Manage Areas for a particular zip code. Individually Claimable Jobs can be more work to drive to and resolve than if you are receiving all the jobs in a particular area.

Does the pay rate per job ever change?

For jobs that are still claimable and areas that are still available, yes, based on need and demand. For ones already claimed or assigned to a partner, no.

So make sure to check regularly for any changes.

Where can I see my pay history?

With each payment, a payment notification email will be sent, this will list all the services paid during that time period. We recommend keeping copies of these documents for your records.

Also, a history of payments is included in ABC Mobile under the Earnings section. 

How do I update my W9?

Use Access Code ABC2022 at the following link to update your W9.

How do I get my 1099?

1099 forms are sent in the mail or electronically, each year, at the end of January.

Unique Pay Scenarios:


If an entire job involves posting a set of documents, meaning there was only one trip to the address, then that order will pay out at $10.

RUSH Orders

We charge extra, and pay extra, for RUSH orders. For this reason, expectations are higher. Attempts must be made every 24 hours and, if possible, on the same day you print out or receive the documents.

An order was removed from my list, will I be paid for attempts? 

Yes. If you made attempts on an order and it is canceled, and thus removed from your list, you will be sent a proof to sign so that you can get paid for your efforts.

Multiple services at the same address

If multiple jobs are resolved at the same address at the same time, the first order will pay out in full, and any others will be paid out at 50%.