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Proof Returns

Three Types of Instruction

Proofs are automatically generated by ABC Legal. Your responsibility is to review the information and sign off on them; attesting to the truthful information contained within. There are three ways that ABC Mobile might request a signed proof to be returned.

Please send us the proof using only the method asked of you in ABC Mobile.

For example, if the instruction is "Sign and Mail", do NOT also send it to DocAttach, as this can delay the process or cause problems with pay.

Sign & Mail Original Proof to ABC

This instruction indicates that the proof must be printed out, signed in ink (notarized if necessary), and mailed to the ABC Legal office indicated in your web portal.

Scan and Email to DocAttach@abclegal.com

Once you log into your web portal, take the following steps:

  1. Print the proof
  2. Sign the proof (in the presence of a notary, if necessary)
  3. Scan the proof (ensure bar code is clear)
  4. Email the proof to docattach@abclegal.com

E-Sign Proof

These proofs can be viewed and signed within your mobile device. When tapping on "Sign Document" in ABC Mobile, the app will automatically open a link to DocuSign with the proof prepared to sign. Simply follow the instructions to sign and date the document and submit it. ABC Legal will receive the signed proof almost instantaneously.

See more: E-Sign Proofs

Using SignNow

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