Reassigning Work

A Simple Process

Occasionally, you may come across a job where you know the person you are serving, have tried to serve the defendant before and they asked you not to return to their property, or the serve is down a road your vehicle cannot safely handle. In these events, you can reach out and ask us to reassign that job for you.

Simply send us a request with the tracking number of the relevant job and tell us that you would like it out of your list of serves. If it is in one of your assigned areas let us know the reason you need it reassigned so that we can take appropriate steps to serve the job.

Include all the work you need reassigned in a single email.

You can also request that work be reassigned if you have released a primary or secondary assignment and no longer want to work that area or if making the trip is lowering your efficiency.


Note: You will not be paid for any job that you ask to be reassigned. You are paid for resolutions on your orders, not attempts.

If you need something reassigned, tell us sooner rather than later. Since you are only paid on the resolution of an order, it does not make sense for you to make three attempts, and then ask to no longer try to serve it. Timeliness is an important aspect of service of process, and your urgency is necessary.