All About Attempt Tags

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What is an Attempt Tag?

An Attempt Tag is a tool that will print alongside your normal documents that allows the recipient to reach out and coordinate a time for service, confirm their address, and even (in some cases in some states) lets the recipient claim their documents online and complete delivery. 

Where: The Attempt Tag will be located on page 2 of your packet, just after the cover sheet. 

When: Process Servers should leave an Attempt Tag during their first unsuccessful attempt.

How do I leave an Attempt Tag at the Service Address?

Simple, just remove the Attempt Tag from the service packet (page 2) and affix it to the subject’s door with blue painter’s tape. Then:

  1. Click on the Attempt Tag icon in ABC Mobile.

  2. A prompt will pop up. Enter the six-digit code found on the Attempt Tag (and also located on your cover sheet). Select “Submit,” which activates the Attempt Tag, then log an attempt as you normally would (including all details you observed). 

    step three


Your service packet should not include an Attempt Tag if the order is not eligible for the system. If you enter an Attempt Tag on an order that is not valid, it will transgress and be reviewed by our Compliance team. 


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