Time Off and Vacations

As an independent contractor, you get to set your schedule, if you know you will be taking time off be sure to:

  1.   Plan ahead, toggle off the auto dispatch button a day or two prior to your absence to avoid having new work directly dispatched to you. 
  2. Be sure that your current work will be completed in a timely manner prior to taking time off, in order to avoid orders going overdue. 

Here is all you have to do if you won't be serving for some time.

Anytime you won't be serving for 3 or more days...

3.9.0 more

You can decide if ABC Legal should Auto Dispatch work to you in zip codes you have selected in "My Areas". If there is a green icon displayed next to Auto Dispatch in the ABC Mobile side menu, this feature is turned on. If there is a red icon displayed next to Auto Dispatch in the side menu, this feature is turned off.

If you still have jobs on your list

3.9.0 auto

If you have orders on your list of services when your time off starts, go to Contact ABC select "Reassigning jobs" and include a message such as "Reassign all my jobs" or "remove all my work".

No need to tell us how long or why, it's your schedule after all.

When you are ready to work 3.9.0 resume

Select "Resume" from the Auto Dispatch screen and jobs will automatically be sent to you in any assigned areas you have. No need to reach out to us.


When taking 1-2 days off from serving

No need to do anything. Leave Auto Dispatch in its default setting so that you keep receiving work in your assigned areas.