Time Off and Vacations

As an independent contractor, you get to set your schedule, so here is all you have to do if you won't be serving for some time.

Anytime you won't be serving for 3 or more days...


You can set yourself from (home) to (away) on your profile to no longer receive work automatically.

If you still have jobs on your list


If you have orders on your list of services when your time off starts, go to Contact ABC select "Reassigning jobs" and include a message such as "Reassign all my jobs" or "remove all my work".

No need to tell us how long or why, it's your schedule after all.

When you are ready to work Away

Set yourself to (home) and jobs will automatically be sent to you in any assigned areas you have. No need to reach out to us.


When taking 1-2 days off from serving

No need to do anything. Leave yourself set to (home) so that you keep receiving work in your assigned areas.