ABC Legal Mitigates Risk and Liability with our Pandemic Response Plan

Jun 3, 2020 3 min read
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As the leading provider of process service nationwide, ABC Legal has taken every step to establish a safe and reliable return to service from the Covid-19 pandemic. This means prioritizing the health and safety of process servers and the public, as well as safeguarding the liability and quality of service our customers depend on.

With a return to service happening across the country, ABC Legal has implemented a unique Pandemic Response Plan in accordance with CDC guidelines. This includes:

  • Mandatory Covid-19 safe-service training for all ABC Legal process servers
  • Delivery of 2,000 replenishable Covid-19 Safety Kits to process servers across the country-ensuring we’re not spreading the virus.
  • Restructuring our mobile app to accommodate this uniquely challenging environment. By adding three new features to ABC Mobile (safe service, residency indicators and non-residency indicators) we can improve service rates and make proofs more secure.
  • Service documents will follow a new, sanitized lifecycle to minimize end risk. When possible, documents are electronically dispatched to process servers, minimizing the physical transmission of documentation, or sealed to minimize contact.


While both large and small law firms value fast & effective service the most, the additional liability of exposures to Covid-19 requires further attention. Choosing other service vendors who do not follow the CDC Guidelines, or lack insight into necessary safety procedures leaves the door open for liability and possible lawsuits on your firm.

According to a recent lawsuit brought on by the DOJ alleging major drug companies (see the article here), "jeopardized the health" of an FBI agent during the COVID-19 pandemic by process servers going to the agent’s home to serve subpoenas on two separate occasions, initiating in-person contact both times. In addition, there are multiple news reports of pending litigation against various process servers for similar safety measure discrepancies in the current environment.

With the Pandemic Response Plan at ABC Legal, risk is mitigated during the entire service process lifecycle. “By implementing additional precautions and making relevant adjustments to ABC Mobile, we’re able to maintain our standing in the market as the leader in vendor performance and successful rates of service while neutralizing the overall risk,” said Steve Carrigan, CEO of ABC Legal. "Health screenings, cleaning procedures, protective equipment, sealed documents, contactless service, visual receipt confirmation, updated mobile workflows, mandated training and certifications are just a few of the steps ABC Legal has taken to protect the entirety of service process delivery. We hope these relevant and necessary safety precautions re-assures the unconditional value you find in a partnership with ABC Legal."

The increased demand for safe service of process is predicted to continue for the foreseeable future. Rising to meet this demand, ABC Legal has proactively developed safe service procedures to reduce transmission risk during this pandemic, lessening the impacts on process servers and community health, as well as mitigating risk and liability posed for our customers during the necessary service of process procedure.


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