2022 Updates to ABC Legal Mobile and Docketly

May 26, 2022 8 min read
Heather Thomas

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Heather Thomas
Director, Marketing, ABC Legal Services. Heather combines her natural curiosity and organizational skills to develop content and nurture stories at ABC Legal. A believer in good design and great brand experiences, she looks for opportunities to investigate, design, and create within the brand.

Tech Supporting Great Experiences

Rethinking the way things can and should be done is part of what makes ABC Legal and Docketly leaders in their respective fields. Our developers are a dedicated group. They don't just create the customized solutions that our customers love, they also redefine the experiences of our process server and appearance attorney networks.

ABC Legal Mobile and the Docketly app fundamentally improve how our process server and appearance attorney networks operate, streamlining their daily tasks to increase what they can do for our customers. Here are some of the great updates implemented this year that are making an impact on what they can deliver.

ABC Legal Mobile App Updates

Increasing Visibility On Unclaimed Jobs


Unclaimed Jobs

Increased Visibility For Unclaimed Jobs
Process servers are able to see and claim jobs with far greater flexibility, empowering them to make the best possible choices as they take on new cases.

We have released several updates to increase the visibility, accessibility, and flexibility around claiming unclaimed jobs. This enhancement makes it easier for process servers to:

  • See where specific jobs or clusters of jobs are before they try to claim them—and decide if they want to claim one or all of the jobs in a group, allowing them to take on more without taking on too much
  • Alert process servers claiming a job in an area to similar, nearby jobs, encouraging maximum efficiency
  • Allow process servers to claim jobs within an entire zip code so that they can easily maximize their route

Giving process servers this flexibility allows them to make the best choices for their routes, schedules, and preferences, ensuring that your cases get to the best possible process server for the job as quickly as possible.

Getting The Word Out With Push Notifications

Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Process servers will get push notifications that alert them to key updates, even when the app is closed.

We're excited to announce we've enabled push notifications on ABC Legal Mobile. Push notifications are a game-changer, ensuring that key updates we need process servers to see make it to them, even when the app itself isn't open. It increases the speed and overall timeliness of the messages we can send to our process servers. 

This means that when a new job opens up in an area a qualified process server typically handles, we can alert them as soon as it's in our system. It gets your cases into a process server's hands for delivery faster.

Highlighting the Attempts Your Case Needs Now


Today's and Tomorrow's Attempts 
We have added notifications for process servers to ensure that they can prioritize special attempts required for diligence.


To help high-volume process servers keep an eye on the cases that need their attention, we increased the visibility of cases that are not just due but need additional attempts in the immediate future. Within the app, process servers are able to see the cases they should try to attempt today and tomorrow, so they can better plan their attempt routes. 


This helps process servers get ahead on cases, especially those with very particular diligence requirements. These notifications supplement the diligence requirements interface we have in the app to encourage process servers to make varied attempts in accordance with local laws.

Redesigning The Experience For Process Servers

ABC Legal Mobile has undergone a drastic redesign, intended to bring the app up to date and ensure that process servers are getting the best possible experience. The changes are extensive and designed with the daily requirements of the job in mind. While we'll be sharing more of the redesign in an extensive post later on, we'd like to highlight a few key enhancements that are out in our beta version of the improved app:

  • Improving navigation to increase overall ease of use of the app, enabling process servers to get where they need to go faster, so they can finish quickly
  • Centering the experience around the process server map, to increase the visibility of current jobs and open jobs in the area
  • Adjusting the callouts alerting process servers to the speed requirements of a job, so they can prioritize rush work
  • Adding tools to encourage process servers to diversify attempt types to meet diligence requirements

Adding features to ABC Legal Mobile that make the tedious, operational parts of service of process, like route planning and finding relevant jobs, simple. Process servers are easily able to optimize what they're doing without adding hours of planning to their week. It enables them to spend more time delivering documents.


Docketly Mobile App Updates

Expediting Reports with Scanning and Bundle reporting

Scanning Documents

Document Scanner

Attorneys can now scan and upload documents without leaving the app interface. The scanner uses their phone camera and compilation software to reformat their photos into a single PDF attached to the case - with just a few taps.

To ensure that documents are added to hearing reports as quickly as possible, we've added the ability for appearance attorneys to create multi-page PDFs within the application using their phone's camera. Clever features in the software compile, crop, and align the photos so that they can provide a professional scan of the document without waiting for access to a standard printer/scanner or use of other apps on the device.

With the addition of this feature, we've opened up the submission of receipts within the app, so that attorneys can record necessary expenses on the go, rather than wait and risk losing the paper as they go about their day.

If you are familiar with Docketly Bundles, then you know that some of our attorneys will appear for multiple cases at a court in a single day. When writing out reports for cases included in a bundle, attorneys will now be able to seamlessly transition from one report to the next without needing to exit the reporting interface. 

This feature will allow attorneys to spend more time writing reports, and less time looking for a case.

Securing Logins and Streamlining Onboarding


Multi-factor Authentication
In accordance with NCBA guidelines, appearance attorneys are now required to log in using MFA.


To keep up with the latest compliance regulations and NCBA requirements for vendors, we've added multi-factor authentication to the Docketly app. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) limits access to an application or resource until a user is able to verify their identity using more than one piece of evidence. In this case, users must know their password and have access to their verified email address to be able to accept a code and log on to their account. They will have to verify their identity once per device, per user every 30 days.

This is a serious boost to the security of their accounts and the information they have access to in the platform pertinent to their appearances. 

For new attorneys, we've added a quick link to a mobile experience that lets them sign up to be an attorney faster. It asks all of the same questions we normally ask to help us ensure we're finding qualified, local talent and are able to best match the attorneys to appropriate cases in the future, but is more integrated with the app experience, so they're ready to get started sooner.

Increasing Ease of Use and Integrations


Additional Information In-App
We've made it easier for attorneys to get where they need to go. Court Location links to the map application.


Several quality-of-life improvements to the app are now available. The app now allows appearance attorneys to:

  • Get additional information about where they're appearing including links to the court website and directions to the court in their native navigation app
  • Search their hearing activities using specific keywords, enabling them to easily check what they have or have not completed and submitted attachments for already
  • Select the next hearing type from a list of hearing types related to the one they're reporting on, enabling increased accuracy and speed
  • Add their appearance calendar to their native calendar app to increase visibility and ensure their schedule is on-point
  • Reach Docketly's in-house team faster with in-app support 
  • Engage with other appearance attorneys in the Docketly community forum
  • Customize their response when proposing an alternative offer for a hearing

Enabling attorneys to do more and increase the cohesion between what they're doing and what you need them to do, means that every appearance and report is that much better.

Each of these changes simplifies how information is found and used by the attorney. When things are simpler for attorneys, they can spend less energy on tedious or divergent tasks and focus on what matters for each case.

What's Next?

We are continuously assessing, developing, and evaluating our technology to see where we can simplify, streamline, and improve. 

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing more updates across our platforms. Subscribe to the blog or tune in to our Tech Tuesday events to hear the latest and greatest tips we have for our customers!


Heather Thomas

Written by 

Heather Thomas
Director, Marketing, ABC Legal Services. Heather combines her natural curiosity and organizational skills to develop content and nurture stories at ABC Legal. A believer in good design and great brand experiences, she looks for opportunities to investigate, design, and create within the brand.
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