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Stimulus Breakdown: What’s In All the Proposed Aid Packages?

A breakdown of all the aid packages floating around Washington, DC and the likelihood of what, if anything will be passed before the November election.

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News Around the Nation: October 16th Highlights & Headlines

Weekly news recaps on the nations top stories from SCOTUS confirmation, ballot harvesting, stimulus talks, law firm layoffs & COVID-19's continued impact.

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Legal Tech: Innovation and Access to a Digital Justice System

Webinar on current tech trends and tools in the legal industry best suited for professionals seeking increased court access, value and customer service.

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News Update: Labor, White House COVID-19 Outbreak & Stimulus Talks

Labor updates, Covid-19 hits the White House and POTUS while stimulus talks continue. Breaking headlines happening daily as we recap this weeks highlights.

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Engaging and Connecting a Remote Workforce in the Legal Industry

A look at how ABC Legal services is managing the shift in the workforce to mostly remote, while keeping employees connected, productive and engaged.

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Keeping Remote Employees Engaged in the Legal Industry

Tim Dinehart and others provide tips on engaging and connecting with employees now working remotely with Legal Management

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