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Recent Posts in ABC Legal Blog | Covid-19:

Interview: Utilizing the CARES Act for Easier Access to Retirement Funds

Best practices in making a 401(k) or IRA withdrawal or loan under the coronavirus related distribution (CRD) guidelines found in the CARES Act.

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Florida Update: Eviction and Foreclosure Moratorium

Florida Governor weighed in on Evictions and Foreclosures in his state. Learn about the short-term solution.

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Nothing Normal About Getting Back to Normal: Webinar Recap

Webinar Recap of NCBA’s Nothing Normal about Getting Back to Normal, featuring a trio of legal panelists discussing the impacts of COVID-19 on the judicial system.

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Litigation and Lawsuits: COVID-19 Waiver for Employees Returning to Work

Some companies are requiring employees and even customers to sign waivers to increase protection from lawsuits brought on by exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.

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Second Round of Stimulus with the Introduction of the HEALS Act

HEALS Act vs. HEROES Act - How do these differ and what is the likely outcome? We compare these bills as it relates to debt relief, mortgage assistance, eviction moratoriums, and unemployment.

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Needs of Millions Grow During the Pandemic - Time is Running Out

As provisions in the CARE act expire, new legislation is only being debated on the federal level, leaving state and local programs to provide more critical relief for millions. What does it mean for evictions, unemployment benefits, and consumer debt in the immediate future?

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