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CDC Eviction Moratorium - Now What?

An overview of the CDC’s eviction moratorium on evictions in light of President Trump's Executive Order.

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Understanding Recently Updated Federal Housing Moratorium Extensions

Updates from the recent Executive order & federal housing directives on eviction moratoriums aimed at keeping struggling renters & homeowners in their homes.

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National Impact of Covid-19 on Eviction and Foreclosure Moratoriums

How constantly evolving regulations around evictions and foreclosures as well as shifting moratorium guidelines are changing during the pandemic, state by state.

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Deeper Dive: Process Servers and Eviction

A discussion regarding the proper ways to serve evictions and the role of the process server in evictions.

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Deeper Dive: An Overview of the Eviction Process

A discussion of eviction, eviction notices, and eviction lawsuits and broadly accepted standards in the process of eviction.

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