Keeping Remote Employees Engaged in the Legal Industry

Sep 12, 2020 3 min read

One of the more interesting effects of COVID-19 has been the impact on the workforce. Professionals across industries have begun to embrace the remote work that social distancing and the pandemic forced upon them. However, with people spending less and less time together in-person it’s becoming increasingly important to find methods to maintain engagement and connectivity on teams.

Legal Management: Keep Remote Employees Engaged

On September 8, 2020, Kylie Lobell of Legal Management spoke with several professionals in the legal services industry to list some successes and warnings about how to best engage remote teams, promoting the connection and sense of togetherness lost without access to a communal physical space. She spoke with ABC Legal Services’ Chief Operating Officer, Tim Dinehart, Founding Partner of the Law Offices of Christina Reger, LLC Christina M. Reger, Esq., and Head of Global Sales Engagement at Intapp, Darryl Cross.

Tim DinehartTim Dinehart, Chief Operating Officer of ABC Legal Services

Lobell distills their suggestions into a list of six core ideas to test out. You can see the full list on the Legal Management website. The three interviewees toss around tips ranging from creating new, fun and alcohol-free virtual events that give employees opportunities to showcase their creativity, ensuring  the team has taken the time to re-engage in pre-COVID practices such as low-key brainstorming meetings and daily “stand-ups”, albeit virtually. 

The underlying message in all of these remote work tips is one of communication. Dinehart sums it up well, “Simply letting your team know that this is an unusual time and offering flexibility will go a long way".

We’re in a moment where everyone is experiencing change and is likely under some degree of  stress. Finding avenues to offer flexibility, support and understanding to your employees and coworkers is vital. It’s something everyone needs right now. 

At ABC Legal Services, we’ve implemented  successful ideas to keep remote work engaging and employees connected. Follow the ABC Legal blog for an upcoming post on tips and tricks regarding the remote work experience.

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