Profile of an Arkansas Process Server: Helen Viele

Apr 24, 2023 6 min read
Olivia Utley

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Olivia Utley
Marketing Specialist, ABC Legal Services. Olivia uses her passion for creative writing to create engaging media that showcases the quality services available at ABC Legal.

Ever wonder who is serving the documents you send to ABC Legal? In this blog series, we'll be shining a spotlight onto some of our star process servers and the amazing work they do. 

Helen has been a process server since 2014. She has worked with ABC Legal since October of 2022 serving multiple counties in Arkansas. Helen is passionate about her work with ABC Legal - always looking for that final resolution to any obstacle that might arise. Outside of work, she enjoys researching various law subjects - like criminal law - and spending time with my four furry friends. 

Helen recently took time out of her busy schedule to tell us more about her life and time as a process server.

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Who Inspires you?

There are two people that inspire me. My late father was the stepping stones to my foundation of learning that if I don’t handle something myself then I can’t complain about the final outcome. Secondly, my daughter Megan inspires me daily. She’s 23 years old, a college graduate and she’s currently working towards her MBA.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement would be knowing my daughter has already earned her Bachelor’s and is currently working towards her MBA. Also, I consider having clients that fully trust me with their process serving needs to the utmost extent, while each of them are confident in knowing that each service will be handled diligently & with perfection from start to finish.

What area do you serve? How many zip codes?

Lonoke County, Pulaski County, Faulkner County & Saline Counties - I prefer to stay in Pulaski & Lonoke. I actively serve in about 5 or 6 zip codes. I love doing corporation company serves in the 72201 area.

Are there any legal requirements to work as a process server in your state?

Yes, a process server must be authorized in the county that they want to serve legal documents out of.

How did you get started as a process server?

I needed to find a job that I enjoyed as well as allowed me the flexibility to work on my own (without face to face, direct supervision) and allowed me minimal time in an office/work setting. As well as the ability to work at my own pace as long as I am meeting the necessary requirements and/obligations of the said job.

What training and/or support did you receive from ABC Legal?

Once I was on board as a contract employee with ABC Legal, I was assigned a mentor-like contact to help me with any questions or concerns that I might have needed help with. I was also offered a training session with the ability to just call in to listen & participate.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Making ABC [Legal] happy with my work ethic.

What is your Least favorite part of the job?

The expense incurred to overnight the affidavits to Washington, as well as the amount of time required before the affidavits become overdue. If you don’t do enough jobs quick enough, then that aspect can potentially make you or break you so to speak.

What safety precautions do you take to keep yourself safe?

I wear boots when it rains (haha). Generally, I like to park where I can exit safely should something crazy arise while trying to serve a paper.

Do you have indicators when it might be a more difficult serve and how does this change your process?

Clearly, if you hear someone inside each time you go to a residence, but they refuse to answer the door to talk to you. That, in itself, makes it a huge challenge from the start. The only thing I can do is meet the diligence requirements and move on.

How has the industry changed since you started?

The court rules in Arkansas changed regarding whom can be served at a residence as well as the age of the person being served at the residence. That has made "served at residential addresses" much harder to accomplish. Corporate serves became more flexible on whom could be served at a business and that was a big plus for the industry.

What is your favorite serving story?

I went to serve someone once and they initially said they [the defendant] wasn’t there. After a brief dialogue and they realized I wasn’t a cop, they said, “Okay, I’m really defendant's name." I’m like. . “Okay, who’s defendant's name?” Suddenly, it struck me that they were coming clean and confirming that they were the said defendant that I was there to serve and they peacefully accepted service.

Tell us something about you that not many people know. 

I have major social anxiety and it limits how long I can interact with larger groups of people.

Helen is a superstar when it comes to successfully completing each job. She effectively meets all (customer, court, & ABC’s) requirements, including submitting completed proofs of service. ABC Legal values all the work Helen puts into every serve.  

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Olivia Utley

Written by 

Olivia Utley
Marketing Specialist, ABC Legal Services. Olivia uses her passion for creative writing to create engaging media that showcases the quality services available at ABC Legal.
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