New Mexico Venue Selection, Enhanced Service Attempt Detail and More

Oct 15, 2019 3 min read
Sean Lee-Siebels

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Sean Lee-Siebels

Release Notes is our semi-weekly update that highlights recent process service and e-filing improvements so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

Calculate Court Venues in New Mexico

You can now calculate the correct court for civil filings in New Mexico District Courts. Calculations can be made individually or by batch by uploading a data file and downloading results. Access court venue search from the reports menu after logging in.

New Mexico Court Venue Selection Screenshot


Process Server Mobile App Screenshot

Capture Even More Detail on Each Attempt

We have added a handful of specific attempt outcomes to ABC mobile so that we take immediate and appropriate action when they are reported.   These include uniquely identifying:

  • when a subject is incarcerated,
  • when they are recently divorced and no longer co-reside,
  • when they have a chronic illness, or
  • when they encountered a dangerous or hostile situation

These updates allow ABC Mobile to instantly notify customers, stop service, or re-dispatch to local law enforcement.




Updated Forms for Flawless Filings

We are always alert to changing court requirements, including changes to the forms courts require for Proofs, Motions, and more.   Our recently updated forms include:

  • Rule 106 Orders Authorizing Alternative Service Affidavits in Harris County 334th Judicial District and Dallas County 101st Judicial District.
  • Motion Authorizing Alternative Service in Illinois
  • Small Claims Proof of Service in California
  • Proofs of Service in Georgia
  • Alias/Pluries Form in Florida
  • Requests for Citation in Texas
  • Required e-filing documents in Santa Clara County, California
  • Alternative Service Forms in Maryland
  • Declaration of Service by Posting in Arizona
Sean Lee-Siebels

Written by

Sean Lee-Siebels
Sean started working at ABC Legal Services in 2005 and has managed several teams including customer service, product management, process improvement, software development and marketing. Sean’s objective at ABC Legal is to save legal professionals time.

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