Ensure You’re Partnering with the Right Provider

Process Server Checklist

As a legal professional, you’re always looking to give your clients the best experience. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo for any part of their cases – including service of process. The quality of your process server can affect how fast their case is able to proceed. Discover how your current provider stacks up when compared to the standards at ABC Legal to see if you should be getting more.

A 10-Point Checklist for Success

Get to know the standards that a top-performing process server should live up to, based on high industry standards for service of process today. Expect More.

Recognize Key Differences

Key factors can make or break whether an assignment moves forward and how fast. The right partner has proven systems in place to streamline workflows and ensure valid, dependable serves. Know what to look for.

Don’t Settle for Less

Make sure you’re getting best-in-class service of process with this checklist.

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Whether you have have a hundred cases or just one, know you can trust us to get the job done. We're available in all 50 states and 75+ countries to provide you with the service of process you need wherever you need it. 

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50 States

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75+ Countries

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