We want to help our process servers be the best. In the hopes of growing together we put together information on some key areas of service of process and present those to you each month so that you can know where you line up.

See your individual scorecard. (If you have only been serving with us less than a month this link will likely not generate anything).

How To Improve Standings

Successful Service

Attempt when people are home, make a good impression, and have a good attitude. How you present yourself makes a great impact on how people will react to your knocking on their door.

Be great at confirming residency. Be clear in your communications to determine if the person lives there. Don't be afraid to keep asking questions if things don't add up. Check with a leasing office and neighbors whenever possible, and if there is one on the coversheet, give that phone number a call. 

Keep up on your rules of process of service in your state, and the different types of service, such as how to serve businesses. Rules can vary over time, and though we will send you an update whenever this happens, it always helps to brush up on them.


To have a high Speed ranking your attempts should be frequent and of high quality. If you are regularly allowing your orders to turn red, it will be impossible to do well here, and if all your attempts are when people are at work it will take many attempts to resolve the job.

Look to consolidate your areas and don't take on too much. If you have a high Number of Resolution but a low Speed you should drop some areas.

Provide evidence that helps clarify if we are attempting at the correct address or not. Take good pictures that help support the information you have entered in ABC Mobile. 

Requirements Met

Check each order's requirements before approaching a door, both in ABC Mobile and on the coversheet. A new customer or court in your area may have unique instructions on how to proceed. It's also possible that you are handling an order that is from a court in another state and thus has different rules on how to serve than you're use to. 

Make attempts at least every 48 hours on standard orders and every 24 hours on rushes.

Always take a picture and report all activity a the location for an appropriate GPS reading. Report phone calls using the phone button and not by pressing Attempt. 

Respond whenever you receive a notification that a requirement has not been met.

Know your rules of process of service, both in general and, if necessary, in your state. Whenever you're not sure about a rule, such as when you should NOT serve someone, check your resources.


The sooner we receive filled out and signed proofs of service back the better.