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Non-Service occurs when you feel confident that a servee cannot be located at a certain address. In ABC Mobile, a non-service is indicated by selecting "Bad Address" and providing details as to why that option was selected. Whenever possible, try to obtain the name of the person providing the information and include it in your App submission. Here are a few reasons one might non-serve an address:

  • A current resident confidently stating that the subject is unknown or the subject moved away
  • If a current resident reports that the subject is incarcerated (in jail or prison)
  • A leasing office confirming that the subject moved away
  • A neighbor confirming that the subject used to reside there but moved
  • A vacant address - always include details on why you believe the property to be vacant (vacancy or eviction notice, meter off, empty inside, etc). A neighbor saying, "I don't think anyone lives there" is not enough!
  • A phone call from the defendant, stating that they have moved
  • If the address doesn’t exist, is abandoned, burned down, etc.
  • If a resident is threatening or tells you not to return
  • Do not serve at place of worship or nursing home
  • Do not serve if the servee suffers from a terminal illness, mental disability, or other permanent hardship. If they seem unfit to accept service, do not serve

After submitting a Bad Address Event, ABC Legal will investigate the circumstances to see if we can find a new address for the servee or we should keep attempting the same one. It is not unusual to ask you for more attempts at an address if it was non-served. If the evidence suggests that the person may be avoiding service, ABC will arm you with that evidence to help increase your chances of a successful service.

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