An Order's Requirements

Customer, Court, and ABC Mobile

There are three entities that should be guiding your decision-making when you are serving documents: the customer, who originally placed the order with ABC Legal; the court, who is overseeing the case and will ultimately receive your proof; and ABC Legal, who strives to give you the best direction possible. It is important for you to review all of these expectations prior to attempting any order, as each case is unique. 

Any requirement that isn't followed will prompt you to respond regarding why it was missed. Most of the time, this will lead to an invalid proof of service. If a requirement was missed, you may be asked to go back and re-serve the documents.


When you open the services menu, all of your orders are sorted by instruction. Each instruction  is automatically generated by ABC Mobile depending on the circumstances of the case. The default instruction is "Serve".

Customer Requirements

Customer Requirement 2Located underneath the Instruction in ABC Mobile are any requirements that our customer has specifically requested we follow. Customer Requirement 1In general, if one of these requirements is missed, you will be asked to reattempt the job.

For example, if you were to make an attempt on the sample job to the right at 9:11 PM and hand the documents to the defendant, we could not accept the proof. We would ask that you try at a time within the customer's constraints.

Court Requirements

Court Requirements are even more strict than the customer requirements, as they are set by the court or state governing the case. Screenshot_20191001-161531

If you ever find conflicting information among your instructions, the court supersedes other instructions. For example, it is possible that you could see the above automated instruction "attempt today" on a Sunday, if the job is about to become overdue. However, on this order, the court does not allow service to be attempted on Sundays. You will have to wait to serve this order. Or, better yet - Don't let so much time pass that the job gets to this point!

Special Handling Information

Special HandlingSpecial handling information consists of any notes  unique to that particular service order. This will include specific customer requests or information placed there by ABC Legal. Our investigations team commonly leaves notes here to help you in successfully serving individuals. The example to the right contains a request submitted to ABC by the customer, but is too specific to be an overarching Customer Requirement.