5 Ways Paralegals Can Optimize Their Day With Smart Service Of Process

June 3, 2024 10 min read
Tyler Schuldt

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Tyler Schuldt
Tyler Schuldt is ABC Legal's Director of Strategic Clients. His years of account management experience with the company have equipped him with the skills to recognize stakeholder requirements and communicate clearly. Tyler continues to build strong bonds with all of ABC Legal's customers and ensures on-time deliverables.


Do you feel like you're constantly playing catch-up in the whirlwind world of paralegal duties? You're not alone. Between managing files, navigating software platforms, and racing to meet deadlines, staying on top of everything is challenging for paralegals. The result? Stress and the nagging sense that you're not giving your clients and cases the attention they deserve. But it doesn't have to be that way.

We have solutions that allow you to regain control of your time and become a hero for your attorney. Discover 5 ways to optimize your day with stress-free service of process:

  1. Secure Coverage, Nationwide
  2. Receive Real-Time Updates on Case Progress
  3. Have a Backup Plan For Bad Addresses
  4. Get Reliable Results and Simplify Costs
  5. Keep information Flowing Between People and Systems

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1. Secure Coverage, Nationwide

Problem: I have to track down a different process server in every state where I need service.
Solution: Streamline your process by using a nationwide service of process provider.

When an attorney asks you to get notices, subpoenas, and summonses to individuals across the country, there's a scramble to locate process servers. Paralegals may resort to frantic calls with colleagues, online searches, or a deep dive in an outdated Rolodex to find process servers. It takes up time you don't have.

When you work with a nationwide provider like ABC Legal, the search for a reliable server is over. Place your order and leave the rest to us. We've got you covered with 50 years of experience, 3,000 process servers nationwide, and an all-in-one, user-friendly portal.

Our team promptly dispatches your documents to a highly skilled local process server. These servers are not only accessible but also meticulously vetted. We track and validate their performance, monitoring their attempts to ensure top-notch quality. Once documents are delivered, you can conveniently access your results and proof online. It's that easy.

Say hello to hassle-free document delivery—with no need to track down process servers ever again.



2. Receive Real-Time Updates on Case Progress

Problem: I need an immediate update on the status of several service of process cases.
Solution: Stay informed about the status of your cases with live updates.

The search for a process server can be hectic, but it pales in comparison to the stress of trying to get answers when you urgently need them. Paralegals like you serve as the central point of contact. When the team needs information for a case, you have to give answers as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, too often, paralegals need to follow up to confirm the status with the process server.

Stay up to date with a technology-focused service of process provider. Process servers at ABC Legal use a mobile app developed by our team to report service. ABC Mobile sends information collected in the field directly to your online account—all in real-time. 

When paralegals use ABC Legal, they can choose the updates they want and how they receive them. Whether it's emails or text messages, you'll get alerts to major events, including the availability of the proof. Within your ABC Legal account, you have access to solid evidence detailing what happened each step of the way. Review real-time GPS coordinates, notes, and photos as soon as the process server reports their attempts.

Feel confident about the current status of every serve with ABC Legal.



3. Have A Backup Plan for Bad Addresses

Problem: My process server usually does a decent job, but I don't feel prepared if we can't serve at the first address.
Solution: Find a process server who has your back.

One issue every paralegal dreads encountering is a bad address: The process server tries to serve the individual at the address you have on file, but they're nowhere to be found. You've lost time, your frustration is mounting, and now you're scrambling to get a skip trace or left digging through research databases. Trying to locate a new address manually can stretch from hours to weeks, adding unnecessary stress to your workload. 

A more straightforward option is to use a process server that goes the extra mile to help you locate people for service. ABC Legal has 50 years of expertise in service of process and is also a licensed private investigation company.

With ABC Legal, you don't have to request a skip trace separately if the initial address doesn't pan out. We immediately do an Instant Trace for legal professionals to identify potential alternatives. We quickly determine where the person could be located by synthesizing information from comprehensive databases like LexisNexis and Experian. 

You receive the trace results and scores indicating the likelihood that we can serve the individual at each location. Feel empowered to make informed decisions for your firm's best interest. If you choose to move forward with one of these alternative addresses, a simple click and payment of the service fee is all it takes. It's fast, effective, and effortless.

Getting cases out again for service at high-probability addresses improves your service rate and accelerates the speed to service. Enhancing these key service metrics is a significant win for your firm.

Ensure a speedy resolution for your clients with ABC Legal in your corner.



4. Get Reliable Results And Simplify Costs

Problem: I don't know if the process server has even made attempts, let alone what those attempts entail. Are they doing what they're supposed to? And if they're falling short, how much will it cost me to get the service my case needs?
Solution: Find standardized solutions at set prices from a vendor you can count on.

When it comes to local cases, paralegals often rely on someone they know for service of process. There's a level of trust and predictability there. However, that assurance can vanish when dealing with a new or unfamiliar process server, leaving even the most seasoned paralegal uneasy.

That's where standardized solutions and performance monitoring from a reputable vendor come into play. At ABC Legal, we have uniform reporting standards across our entire network of process servers. Whether your documents need to be delivered to a bustling firm in downtown L.A. or the scenic town of Middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma, you'll receive detailed updates, including GPS coordinates, photos, and other relevant details along the way.

But that's not all. Here are some additional checks ABC Legal has in place to ensure first-rate quality:

  1. Court Regulation Checks
    We ensure all attempts follow local laws regarding who can serve, who can be served, and when service can take place.
  2. Built-In Attempt Requirements
    Attempts continue until process servers meet diligence or deliver documents. If the court doesn't specify, we require 4-6 attempts.
  3. GPS Validation
    We validate a process server's location against where service should take place when they document their attempts.
  4. Route Plausibility Monitoring
    We make sure a process server's reported location on the map is plausible based on where they were last. 
  5. Compliance Oversight
    We have a department dedicated to monitoring performance and compliance for process servers.

You can expect these quality checks from every service of process order placed with ABC Legal. Plus, you'll know the cost upfront and can conveniently pay online. No surprises—just reliable service you can count on.

Take the guesswork out of service of process with ABC Legal by your side.



5. Keep Information Flowing

Problem: I spend significant time adding information to platforms and prepping for meetings. Completing service of process updates takes up a big chunk of my day.
Solution: Choose a process server that invests in data and reporting.

You consolidate a lot of information for the cases you work on. The last thing paralegals need when gearing up for an important client meeting or sitting down with an attorney is to wrestle with vendor platforms or spend endless hours on the phone with a process server.

Leveraging technology from the right vendor can be a game-changer, simplifying your daily tasks and freeing up valuable time. Look for service providers like ABC Legal that empower you to make the most of the information on their platforms. 

When you place an order with us, you can easily add your internal Case Reference ID. These IDs are a lifesaver, allowing you to locate your orders quickly. You can even search for multiple cases at once. Then, review data in the platform or download it into a comprehensive report. Have all the information you need at your fingertips or upload it to other platforms like your case management system.

At ABC Legal, we've got your back when it comes to integrating with case management systems. There's no need to jump between different platforms and spend hours updating data manually. Our integrations with Clio and Litify are a time-saver because they allow you to transfer data automatically. It's like having an efficient assistant at your disposal.



Save your Time and Energy for your Clients

Service of process is one of many areas where you can save time. Dig into all the platforms and services you're using to see if there are any burdens they can help alleviate. Even saving 5 minutes a day on each platform can add up to hours of extra time in your week.

We've succeeded if we can make your day even 1% more efficient or less stressful. Our goal is to leave you delighted with your experience. Serve documents wherever and whenever you need, and enjoy real-time status updates online, 24 hours a day.

Service is simple with ABC Legal. Create a free account today and have America's most trusted process server ready when you need it. Already have a case that you need served? Order online anytime, hassle-free.

Tyler Schuldt

Written by 

Tyler Schuldt
Tyler Schuldt is ABC Legal's Director of Strategic Clients. His years of account management experience with the company have equipped him with the skills to recognize stakeholder requirements and communicate clearly. Tyler continues to build strong bonds with all of ABC Legal's customers and ensures on-time deliverables.
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