Need a Process Server in Texas? 5 Things You Should Know 

Dec 16, 2022 8 min read
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When looking for a process server in Texas, it’s important to recognize not all options are the same. Whether you’re an attorney, small business owner, or an individual representing themself in court, the following are five considerations to keep in mind. Here're more tips for ensuring fast and successful use of process servers nationwide.

1. Go with a Professional Texas Process Server 

 Not just anyone can deliver court documents, which is known as service of process. Each state has its own rules and regulations around how service of process should be carried out, and sometimes even smaller counties within each state have different regulations.   

In Texas, any neutral party over the age of 18 is legally eligible to perform service of process (Rex. R. Civ. Proc. Rule 103; Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 17.026). However, it’s always best to hire a professional process server who has received formal training and is well-versed in the laws around serving court papers in Texas.  

Experienced Texas process servers are less likely to serve the wrong person or make a misstep that could breach legal protocols and potentially delay a case or result in service being challenged.  

ABC Legal’s Texas process servers are experienced and supported by a live team of experts. Process servers are licensed and trained in local service of process and every serve is validated.  

How companies train—and maintain—expertise matters. For example, ABC Legal has developed extensive training materials, backs process servers with app-based guides, and tracks performance against rigorous standards. ABC Legal’s certification program is approved by the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC), which oversees the certification and registration of process servers in Texas. These measures ensure that all servers have access to materials that reinforce their knowledge, streamline procedures, and improve overall outcomes in the service of process. Simply put: Higher standards of professionalism matter. 

2. Recognize Tech-Forward Texas Process Servers Give You an Edge 

 Service of process quality and efficiency increasingly depends on use of technology. The best process servers use their phone's camera and GPS capabilities to record information while in the field. Photos, time-stamped service records, and GPS coordinates prove when and where a process server is for each serve. This is the approach used at ABC Legal, as such data serves as important evidence in ensuring the process server is meeting local requirements for service of process.  

Ease of managing orders also depends on tech approach. The right service of process platform will make it simple to place orders and track progress. For example, with ABC Legal, as soon as your documents are uploaded, your assignment is instantly sent to a certified process server. Email notifications and text alerts keep you informed moments after each attempt. Service of process success depends not only on the speed of a first attempt but also getting details right and often strength of follow through. ABC Legal’s process servers focus on overall speed to service as well as the best end result. Once complete, your proof of service and all supporting documents are stored within your account for easy access. 

3. Choose a Process Server in Texas Who Knows How to Pivot When Needed 

Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 106 lays out how service of process needs to be managed within the state. It allows for personal, or registered or certified mail service. 

Unless the court provides other direction, documents must be served by delivering to the defendant, in person, with a copy of the citation that shows the delivery date and petition; or mailing to the defendant is permissible by registered or certified mail with return receipt requested and a copy of the citation and of the petition. 

If both means have been tried without success, then court approval for an alternative approach to service is needed. The court may then authorize service of process by leaving a copy of the citation and of the petition with anyone older than 16 at the defendant’s location; or in any other manner, including electronically by social media, email, or other technology that would be reasonably effective to give the defendant notice of the suit. 

The right Texas process server will know how to navigate these nuances as well as any local regulations to minimize delays. For example, ABC Legal builds diligence requirements into its mobile app to ensure that every attempt is bringing the server closer to delivery or providing what is needed to be able to build a case for alternative service. For ABC Lega’s enterprise customers, there even are automated ways to streamline efforts supporting alternative service in Texas. 

4. Make Sure You Have Broader Support 

What will you do if it turns out one of the parties you intend to serve is out of state? As mentioned, successful service of process hinges on understanding local rules and regulations. In this way, breadth of resources matters.  

 ABC Legal’s network includes more than 2,000 process servers (the largest in the United Sates!) and extends across all 50 states and 77 countries. With such reach, law firms or individuals using ABC Legal can be confident that resources are available with the right local expertise whenever their service of process needs extend beyond Texas. 

5. Seek a Process Server in Texas with Investigatory Capabilities at the Ready  

Sometimes before service of process can begin, the defendant needs to be located. Attorneys rely on skip tracing for this need in accordance with local regulations defining appropriate use by legal professionals. Skip tracing results depend highly on the quality of the professionals performing the task and ability to mine large amounts of data across diverse databases to deliver meaningful results. 

ABC Legal uses proprietary technology trained by real-world results to offer industry-leading search capabilities. In situations where additional resources are needed, ABC Legal has a team of licensed, full-time private investigators available to perform in-depth searches. Having ready access to such support can make all the difference in the speed and success of service of process. 

Looking for a Process Server in Texas? 

Serving court papers in Texas shouldn’t be left to chance. ABC Legal offers the highest standards of service backed by industry-leading tech and deep resources. If you’re looking to place an order for a process server in Texas, see what ABC Legal can do for you. 


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ABC Legal Team

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